Guild Wars 2: Raiding is Coming to Tyria…

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News for the Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns, appears to be rolling out at a much quicker pace in the last few weeks than it was earlier in the year. There were several Elite Specialization announcements, with the latest being the Daredevil as of writing this post, and there are still two more to be announced, but that is assuming you are going by the informational page on the Heart of Thorns site (here). The GW2  community seems to be pretty clear on what the Ranger specialization is (Druid/Staff), but have yet to be told what the full extent of the mechanics are. The largest announcement to be released by ArenaNet, so far, is the introduction of Raids in Heart of Thorns.

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Guild Wars 2: Specializations are here! Yay!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

On June 23, ArenaNet rolled out a major update to Guild Wars 2 which brought with it some welcome changes and new feature additions. One of the biggest changes to come with this update was a revamp to the major city, previously left in shambles, Lion’s Arch. I spent a decent amount of time exploring the reconstructed city and familiarizing myself with the numerous NPCs that populate it. I even made use of the crafting stations and trading post there, because my main character was still a Novice Armorsmith. I enjoy the new look of Lion’s Arch and will most likely find myself there anytime I need to stock up on mining picks or do some crafting, instead of hiding off in Hoelbrak. However, the major change I am most excited about is the revision of the Traits system into the new Specializations system. Continue reading

Perspective: Guild Wars 2 Players Don’t Have It

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Just a quick post! I’m working on some new content for the blog, but I wanted to get this post out while I still had the idea in my head.

For today’s topic, I want to tackle a discussion that has erupted around Guild Wars 2, and an issue the game’s community is having with the price of its upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns. The issue the Guild Wars 2 community is having, brought to my attention by a video posted by BogOtter, is partly to do with the price, but, for the most part, the issue seems to stem from the fact that the expansion includes the base game in the total price. Now, I don’t really want to go too into detail about my opinion on this subject because I plan to illustrate how stupid this issue is with a comparison to another MMORPG that has previously released expansions. Continue reading