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Diablo III: Primal Ancients? That’s a Great Idea!


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

If you have not heard, Blizzard released some preliminary patch notes for Diablo III’s public test realm a few days ago. These patch notes correspond with the eventual 2.5.0 update. So far, the biggest features coming with this update are the Crafting Material Storage and the Armory. However, the Diablo team is planning to add another feature the players haven’t been asking for. They are adding another tier of Ancient items. Yay! #sarcasm

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Heroes of the Storm: Traits that Dia-blow

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Heroes of the Storm has seen a slew of new hero additions and talent changes in the past few months. I have been playing around with different heroes (old and new) in Try Mode to test out builds, and to get a sense of their kits. While several heroes have some interesting new options, there are others that still possess questionable abilities or talents. Gul’dan, the most recent hero added to the game, has only one viable ultimate because his other option lacks consistent value and rains down disappointment upon the battlefield. For today’s post, I want to discuss two heroes who possess traits that still feel out of place or oddly designed, and attempt to create solutions to the issues I perceive.

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Build a Hero: WoW Warlock for HotS

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Heroes of the Storm has been releasing new characters at quite the rapid rate since going live (as in not in beta). I haven’t played it as much since it went live, but I have kept up with the updates primarily through videos on YouTube (see MFPallyTime). For this post, I thought it would be fun to do something creative. I want to create a concept for a new Hero based on a class I enjoyed when I played World of Warcraft. Today, let’s imagine what it would be like to play a Warlock in Heroes of the Storm.

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RM Project: Iteration of Itemization

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Over the holiday break, I did some quick number crunching for my RM Project. I wanted to know precisely how many armor items I would need to create to fully realize the itemization system I had intended to use. Keep in mind, since I am using RPG Maker VX Ace, I need to stay within the 999 item limit. This wouldn’t be so bad if the database information for the Armors tab didn’t consist of items from four different equipment slots. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for more modern item systems.

I will let you know that the results were not encouraging. Due to the aforementioned item limit, my initial design would not have worked. In order to complete the full list of items, I would require at least double the space that RPG Maker VX Ace affords, if not more. While I didn’t expect to be able to use my initial design, I was still surprised by how much I would have to do. I was not surprised by RMVX Ace’s inability to support it.

I was forced to rethink the system as a whole. I took what I already had and chopped it into pieces. I created a new assortment of equipment slots, a new system of organizing the bonuses from equipment, and removed shields as a standalone item (more on the last bit later). Today, I will do a quick overview of how I organized the original equipment slots and itemization features I had planned to use. Then, I will discuss the new system that was created from the ashes of the previous one. This may get a bit technical at points, but I will attempt to speak plainly, for both our sakes (lawls).

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Heroes of the Storm: Raynor… Is An Assassin?

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Last week, I wrote an editorial for about Heroes of the Storm and the things it gets right. In that same week, I logged into HotS and acquired some new daily quests. One of which was to play a few games as a StarCraft character. According to my profile, I had not played any character from the StarCraft universe until that point. The character I decided to play to complete this quest was Raynor, the Renegade Commander. He’s a fun character to play, but for being classified an “Assassin” he is constructed rather oddly. For today’s post, I will intermingle my experience playing the character with the aspects of his design I think works, the aspects of his design that seem awkward, and I’ll make some suggestions on how he could be changed.

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Diablo III: Witch Doctor Gets Some Love…

Greetings, ladies and gentleman!

Last week, Season 3 of Diablo III ended, a new patch was released bringing forth a host of new changes and additions, and Season 4 began just before the weekend hit. Among some of the additions were new difficulty levels (Torment VII to Torment X), the introduction of a new area called the Ruins of Sescheron, which is where you will find the largest addition to the game called the Kanai Cube. Now, I don’t want to go into any of the big features. For today’s post, I just want to cover the (many) changes that were made to Witch Doctor in the newest patch, and the experience that I had logging into Diablo III last Wednesday. It was a weird day, full of a lot of excitement, a dash of surprise, and a teaspoon of confusion. Join me as I recount my experience.

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World of Warcraft: The Burning Legion has returned…

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

So, Blizzard just recently announced the next expansion to World of Warcraft, which will be following on the coattails of Warlords of Draenor. The heroes of the Horde and Alliance will return to the world of Azeroth only to be sent to a new continent where Gul’dan has been hatching new schemes. They will be met by old allies, and even older enemies. This new expansion is simply titled:


For today’s post, I will go over some of the new features that were mentioned with the expansion announcement. I will also be sprinkling in some of my own thoughts on the new features, and address some concerns that I have.

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Stuff, and Things, and New Blog Content!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

I want to do a quick update post and talk about some stuff, and things, and possible new blog content.

First, Marvel’s Ant-Man came out to theaters last week. I have been pretty hyped to see it for a while now, but after seeing a couple clips from the film I am even more excited to see it. Tonight, I plan to see the film with my girlfriend, and I was thinking of doing a follow-up post to the “Ant-Man Speculation” I did some time ago. There may be some bits of movie review thrown in there, but it is more likely going to be a post focused on my own personal thoughts. Note: I may still be gushing with excitement afterwards.

A WIP of the game's World Map. At the time of taking this screenshot, I completed the tiny tutorial island. Lawls!

A WIP of the game’s World Map. At the time of taking this screenshot, I completed the tiny tutorial island. Lawls!

Next, I am currently working on a small-ish game project using the RPG Maker VX Ace platform. I have wanted to make a game with this software for a while now, but a lot of my main ideas seem to require a lot of preparation. This “small-ish” project will be built using solely the base assets available in the RPG Maker software. I don’t have any concrete ideas set for this project. I am going straight into building it and figuring out all the little details later. I am currently working on the game’s world map. Players will use this feature to traverse the game’s world, while I will be using it to figure out the scope of the game. More details, and possible posts, as progress is made.

Lastly, I want to discuss some content I am preparing for the blog! Since I have been more than lax on adding new content to the blog, I wanted to start work on two, potentially massive, segments that focus on MMORPGs. Both of these segments will be similar to the “Itemization Woes” posts I did a while back, but focusing on the creation of an entire MMORPG instead of just a single facet of gameplay. However, they will tackle this similar subject from two slightly different angles. I will make another post that goes into greater detail about this new, potential content once I figure out exactly how I am going to present them.

So, what have you guys been up to? Have you seen Ant-Man yet? What were your thoughts? Do you have any projects you are working on? I’d like to know! Join the discussion below.

Diablo III: Itemization Woes (Part 2)

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

In the previous “Itemization Woes” post, I went over some of the issues I have with the way gear is handled in Diablo III. At present, there’s too much randomization built into the current system and there aren’t enough options that give players direct control over making an item worth using. However, there are a great number of options that give players additional chances at crap loot. Blood Shards, for example, are a great way to waste both your time and your hope of acquiring any worthwhile items, and that should be changed. In fact, change is at the very center of this post as I will be listing out the various changes that I believe should be made to Diablo III, and discuss the reasons behind these desired changes. While I do believe more ways of playing the game and acquiring gear are desperately needed, this post will focus on changes needed for itemization – specifically at max level and while progressing through Torment difficulties. Read the rest of this entry

Diablo III: Itemization Woes (Part 1)

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! I haven’t died, I promise.

A couple weeks before the end of Diablo III’s first season, my buddy, Groupy, and I decided to roll some Seasonal Hardcore toons just for shiggles. It was an interesting experience. The drop rate of legendary items, even on Normal difficulty, is fairly high. We bumped up the difficulty anytime the game started feeling too easy, but with a couple legendaries on our characters the difficulty increase wasn’t doing too much. I’m not saying there weren’t a couple occasions where one of our characters, mostly my Crusader, came really close to biting the dust, but beyond those select few situations the leveling was fairly smooth. I would seriously hate to die, though, for two main reasons: I don’t want to lose the gear I have found, and low level crusaders are boring as bawls. Luckily, starting over for Season 2 hasn’t been as bad as I had anticipated as my new Seasonal Crusader is already rocking a legendary axe and ring at level 14. However, today’s topic will revolve around an idea that I was reminded of while doing some Rift runs on my main, non-Seasonal and non-Hardcore, character: the itemization in Diablo III is terrible. Read the rest of this entry