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Diablo III: Witch Doctor Gets Some Love…

Greetings, ladies and gentleman!

Last week, Season 3 of Diablo III ended, a new patch was released bringing forth a host of new changes and additions, and Season 4 began just before the weekend hit. Among some of the additions were new difficulty levels (Torment VII to Torment X), the introduction of a new area called the Ruins of Sescheron, which is where you will find the largest addition to the game called the Kanai Cube. Now, I don’t want to go into any of the big features. For today’s post, I just want to cover the (many) changes that were made to Witch Doctor in the newest patch, and the experience that I had logging into Diablo III last Wednesday. It was a weird day, full of a lot of excitement, a dash of surprise, and a teaspoon of confusion. Join me as I recount my experience.

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WildStar: Free-to-Play cometh… and it cometh hard… eth…

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, the good people at Carbine Studios held a special Twitch stream to announce the start of WildStar’s Free-to-Play Closed Beta Test (CBT). The stream was hosted by Community Manager DD Hollis (aka CRB_Sunshine), Creative Director Chad “Pappy” Moore, and Senior Product Manager Jen “Bardic” Ortiz. Unfortunately, Tony Rey, Community Creative Content Manager (too many words!!) and the former host of the infamous Zero-to-Fifty Podcast, was hiding behind the camera. Perhaps, he was traumatized by all the spider tweets he received from the WildStar community (I certainly didn’t send him one). Today’s post is going to focus on some of the information that was revealed during the stream, and I may add my own thoughts as the post progresses.

For the Dominion!

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Diablo III: Itemization Woes (Part 2)

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

In the previous “Itemization Woes” post, I went over some of the issues I have with the way gear is handled in Diablo III. At present, there’s too much randomization built into the current system and there aren’t enough options that give players direct control over making an item worth using. However, there are a great number of options that give players additional chances at crap loot. Blood Shards, for example, are a great way to waste both your time and your hope of acquiring any worthwhile items, and that should be changed. In fact, change is at the very center of this post as I will be listing out the various changes that I believe should be made to Diablo III, and discuss the reasons behind these desired changes. While I do believe more ways of playing the game and acquiring gear are desperately needed, this post will focus on changes needed for itemization – specifically at max level and while progressing through Torment difficulties. Read the rest of this entry