Diablo III: Primal Ancients? That’s a Great Idea!


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

If you have not heard, Blizzard released some preliminary patch notes for Diablo III’s public test realm a few days ago. These patch notes correspond with the eventual 2.5.0 update. So far, the biggest features coming with this update are the Crafting Material Storage and the Armory. However, the Diablo team is planning to add another feature the players haven’t been asking for. They are adding another tier of Ancient items. Yay! #sarcasm

Did you catch the hint of sarcasm? I hope you did.

That’s right; Diablo III is adding yet another meaningless layer to their RNG cake. Players don’t just have Ancient Legendary and Set items to occasionally look forward to while doing rifts and bounties. Now, they’ll also have Primal Ancient Legendary and Set items to improbably discover. One might have thought when Blizzard announced the Necromancer class, the developers were starting to listen to its customers. The addition of Primal Ancient items may prove otherwise. Not surprising, though.

Ancient items were a stupid idea when they were first implemented. They didn’t add anything to the game except another layer of RNG. A layer that was being stacked onto a teetering tower of terrible randomness that players were already dealing with. There was no reason for Ancient items to exist, and that is still the case today. Now, Blizzard looks to make the same mistake with the introduction of Primal Ancient items.


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Much like their predecessor, Primal Ancient items are stronger versions of legendary and set items that already exist. They differ from Ancient items only in that they provide higher stat numbers. The stat increases don’t affect percentage-based stats like Critical Hit Chance or Attack Speed. There is zero effect on Legendary powers, and no new bonuses are provided. Additionally, it is believed the chance for a Legendary to roll as a Primal Ancient is as low as 1% (versus the 10% chance to roll as Ancient).

This is yet another lackluster addition among many. The development team seems to lack the creativity to add real content to Diablo III. Content that would revitalize interest in the game. Presently, there are no incentives to keep players running greater rifts incessantly except during a new season. Furthermore, it’s shocking to believe the development team thinks Primal Ancient items will keep the interest of players given the seemingly poor reception of Ancient items. A 1% drop rate isn’t too hot, either.

My issues with Primal Ancient items are identical to the ones I have with Ancient items. There is absolutely nothing special about them. Adding more power is fine in a game like Diablo III, but there isn’t a fun or unique way of acquiring that power. Players just run rifts, greater rifts and bounties as always. It’s a lazy way of adding a new “feature” that is in no way creative or interesting. It’s disappointing, to be honest.

If it weren’t for the many layers of RNG, there might not be so much hate for the Primal Ancient items. Diablo III would possess more enjoyable progression if there were meaningful ways to circumvent all the RNG. The Enchantress isn’t worth much because she can only reroll a single stat. The other two artisans are borderline worthless save for the repair and remove gems functions. Kanai’s Cube seems to be the most useful feature in the game, and I have yet to make full use of most of its functions.

There are better ways of creating persistent progression in games like Diablo III. In an older post, I outlined an idea that would be far better than Ancient items. It retains the concept that players will be getting better versions of legendary and set items. However, the method of acquisition isn’t as lame as waiting for just the right roll on a dropped item. This idea would give players a more active role in getting that extra power without being forced to get the same legendary items more than once.

Sadly, I feel like any pleas made to Blizzard to prevent the addition of this “feature” may fall on deaf ears. The Diablo development team seems intent on adding the Primal Ancient items mechanic to the game despite those of us who are against it. This will just be another bad design choice to add to the list. There are a lot of things to fix in Diablo III besides replacing Ancient items. To be honest, Diablo III could use a massive rework.

If the Diablo development team were interested in chatting, I have plenty of ideas that could make the game exciting again. Though, I don’t expect they would be. 😦

It’s possible I may be a little harsh on the Diablo development team. I just want Diablo III to be a fun game to play again, and the dev team doesn’t seem to have the ability to make it fun. It’s great to play in short sessions, but it can get really tedious over extended periods. Especially if I have to deal with the worst parts of the game’s design. More specifically, the dreadful dice rolls of the infamous R.N. Geezus.

What do you think of the addition of Primal Ancient items? Have you tested them out on the PTR? What would you change about Diablo III? How? Join the discussion below.

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War Fist out.

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