My WoW Clone: Destruction Warlock (Preview?)

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

A while back I revealed my redesign of World of Warcraft’s Shadow Priest (seen here). While I haven’t gone back to fill the empty holes, I have been playing with a few ideas for another class redesign. If you’re reading this, then you know that I am referring to the Destruction Warlock. This is a specialization that I spent very little time (if any) playing when I played WoW, but I had an interesting concept I wanted to play with. As of writing this post, I don’t have too much completed, but consider this a preview of the redesigned Destruction Warlock.

Logo - MyWoWClone

I believe the reason why I never found the Destruction specialization appealing was due to its overall design. In general, it just looks like a Fire Mage with reskinned spells. As it earns levels, this specialization earns a number of fire spells while forsaking any shadow-related spells. I find Shadow magic to be an important aspect of the Warlock’s character, and it doesn’t make sense for this one specialization to forego it completely. This is where the concept for my redesign begins.

The Core Mechanic

  • Death and Destruction
    (Passive) Offensive Fire spells grants the Warlock the Boon of Death, increasing the damage of the next offensive Shadow spell by 25%. Offensive Shadow spells grant the Warlock the Boon of Destruction, increasing the damage of the next offensive Fire spell by 25%. Soul Fire receives the benefits of both boons, and will consume a stack from each when cast. Each boon lasts 8 sec, and can stack twice.

The passive shown above is the mechanic I devised to change up the playstyle of the Destruction Warlock. It encourages the player to swap between Fire and Shadow damage spells to take advantage of the death and destruction boons. It’s similar to the Balance Druid’s current Eclipse mechanic except without taking the control away from the player (sooo… the old Eclipse mechanic, lawls). Additionally, Soul Fire deals Shadowfire damage (both Shadow and Fire damage) in this variant so it benefits from both boons, which is a 50% damage boost. The Death and Destruction passive won’t change the turret-like nature of the spec, but it will likely make the player think about their rotation a little harder.

Part of the redesign for this specialization will involve some interesting choices in the talents. Since the My WoW Clone version of this spec is so reliant on Death and Destruction, I intend to have a few of the talents modify the functionality of one or both of the boons. The idea is that these choices will have an impact on rotational and/or stat priorities. I did something similar with the Shadow Priest redesign, because I believe it creates more interesting choices for players than what exists in WoW now. The talents in the Draenor expansion appear to do very little to change a spec’s rotation, and there are only three stats to speak of, which bores me to tears just thinking about it.

I would like to discuss more, but, as I mentioned at the start, I don’t have much done. I’m still working on filling out the library of abilities for the class and specialization. Then, I’ll likely move onto the talents, which tends to be the most enjoyable part. At least it was with the Shadow Priest. However, I had a more clearly defined set of goals for that redesign, but this one shouldn’t be any harder.

Check out the My WoW Clone version of the Warlock here.

What do you think of the Death and Destruction mechanic? If you play a Destro Lock, would you prefer this over “Chaotic Energies” in Legion? How do you imagine this would affect the spec? Cake or death and destruction? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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