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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

It has been almost two months since my last RM Project post. In the previous post, I discussed some changes I intended to make to how I would use the equipment feature in RPG Maker VX Ace. At the end of the post, I revealed I had purchased RPG Maker MV after wrestling with the idea of avoiding it completely. Since then, I have been reworking the ideas I had planned for my VX Ace project to make better use of the tools available in MV (specifically the Yanfly Plugins). In today’s post, I will discuss some of the ideas I have been playing with.

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Plugin Addiction

“Hi. My name is War Fist, and I’m addicted to plugins.”

Before I go into some of my new ideas, I want to state that I have been enjoying the plugins released by Yanfly (found here). I am at the point now that I check the site regularly to see if a new poll has been started, and I have most, if not all, of the plugins installed in my MV project. Now, I am planning to remove some of them because I’m trying to tighten up the focus of my game. Yanfly has released many awesome and useful plugins, but I am starting to realize they won’t all work for what I am trying to create. Unfortunately, I cannot sort through them due to my monitor having died a couple weekends ago (sad face).

There are two aspects of the Yanfly Engine Plugins (YEP) that I enjoy. The first is how much work is put into creating methods of bypassing the litany of limitations that exist within RPG Maker’s database. I bring this up a lot, but it is a significant flaw the RM developers have repeatedly failed to rectify (modifying the limitation rather than eliminating it is not rectifying it). The second aspect of the YEP I enjoy is the implementation of new features. This is the main reason why I haven’t removed many of the plugins installed in my MV project because they provide useful options the default software just can’t.


Since purchasing RPG Maker MV, I have been working on streamlining the systems involved with character equipment. I scrapped a lot of the ideas I discussed in the previous RM Project post because I was limited by the VX Ace software (which became infuriating to use at times). Through the YEP, I am able to implement a number of features that allow players to customize the gear they acquire. I have been playing with the idea of making crafted items stronger than found items, which would reward players who invest time into crafting. The best part of my itemization revamp is the number of weapons and armor I have to create to support my new ideas is much less than if I was still using VX Ace.

Here are a few plugins I am using to support my project’s itemization.

Character Stats

I believe the single most important aspect of the YEP that has me excited to make a game is the added control over the in-game parameters (stats). I now have much greater control over how characters boost their critical hit chance, evade chance, critical hit damage, and other effects. While I had figured this out to some degree with VX Ace, the YEP plugins make it much easier for me to construct the formulas (formulae?), and they provide options that aren’t otherwise available. This is important to me because I intend to make stat choices important to the players. I am used to playing games that don’t make stats meaningful enough, and I want to avoid that with my project.

Here are a few plugins I am using to support my project’s character stats.


The abilities that are available to a player will give purpose to the stat options. Using the YEP, I will be able to create abilities with varying attributes. For instance, increasing critical damage will become more important when using abilities that have higher base critical hit chances. Increasing focus (the crit, accuracy, and overall hit chance stat) will be good for abilities with important proc effects such as poisons or strong stuns. The options become limitless when you have meaningful features at your disposal.

I intend for ability choices to be as customizable as the stats on gear. Each character/class will have a baseline set of abilities to round out their kit. The players will be able to expand the types of abilities available to each character using special equipment (which I may have called Glyphs in the previous post). Through these items, characters can gain advantages against certain monster types, they can be built for a specific role, or they can gain access to important tools useful for specific encounters. That’s the kind of flexibility I hope I can provide for this project.

Here are a couple plugins I am using to support my project’s abilities.

Custom Sprites and Parallax Mapping

One decision I am still considering is building this project with custom assets. I have never enjoyed the idea of designing a full game with the default assets because I often feel limited creatively when I need something specific. For instance, I want to be able to convey specific information through skill and item icons, but I can’t do that with the default icon set (especially not with VX Ace). The enemy battlers are also a limitation either because of the roster or because of the art style used, and MV is no exception in this regard. Creating my own custom assets just seems like a logical way of avoiding these issues.

I have also been contemplating building the game world using parallax mapping. One little feature that comes standard with RPG Maker MV is the capacity to use parallax images, which are typically used as backgrounds, as maps. This can be accomplished by adding an exclamation point (!) at the start of the image file’s name. Since I plan to build custom assets anyway, this could be a great way of building the game world without having to fully rely on autotiles (which are a pain in the ass to build anyway). I’ll have to do some testing to see if I can make parallax work with how I intend to construct the outdoor maps.

Final Boss Thoughts

These are just a few things I have thought about since purchasing RPG Maker MV. I am currently experimenting with the different YEP options to see how I might use them. I didn’t go into the amount of math that will be involved with my new project. That will likely be something I discuss when I actually have something built. For now, I am just easing my way into the new features and working out major details.

How is your project coming along? What has changed for you since you started using MV? Which of the Yanfly Plugins have you been using? Join the discussion below.

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War Fist out.

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