My WoW Clone: Introduction

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Today marks the start of a new blog series! In this series, I will embark on a journey to concept an imaginary MMORPG that follows in the footsteps of RIFT and Star Wars: The Old Republic. This journey will be filled with a lack of original thought, a lack of imagination, and a rabid need to imitate everything that the most popular MMORPG has done since its release. I will go against everything that I stand for to concept a game without action combat, that focuses on Raid progression, and boasts the gear treadmill as its primary source of content. Join me as I endeavor to create my very own World of Warcraft clone.

Logo - MyWoWClone

Disclaimer: I understand the term “WoW Clone” is a bit of a misnomer as its denotation suggests the games that are referred to by this term (like RIFT and SWToR) are identical to World of Warcraft, which they aren’t. However, most people ignore the literal translation of the term, and use the connotation affixed to it. This more common definition infers that many aspects of the games referred to as “WoW Clones” are functionally too similar to World of Warcraft, and give the impression that one is playing World of Warcraft with a different skin. For those of you who freak out whenever this term is used, please take into account that I will not lose any sleep should you have a mental breakdown over its repeated use during this blog series. I get it! I just don’t care! Thank you for your time. 😀

So, I may have taken the opening statements a bit too far. For this series, it is not likely I will duplicate absolutely everything that World of Warcraft, RIFT, and Star Wars: The Old Republic have done. While there will be several mechanical similarities between my imaginary MMORPG and the aforementioned titles, I find that there are only a handful of features from each game that I enjoy. The problem that prevents me from playing either title for any length of time is often the package as a whole. This problem can be exacerbated by individual features such as combat, character customization (or lack thereof, in some cases), design philosophies, endless level grinding, lack of vision, class design, business model, etc. However, these are the very things that will drive this series forward.

As this series progresses, I will be releasing the details of how my WoW Clone would differ from the games it is parodying. I will refer to systems used in these games as a basis for the mechanics and features that might exist in my game. However, I will tweak the systems borrowed from World of Warcraft, and its clones, to suit my own personal needs. This just means that I will be filtering out a lot of the excessively boring elements the developers of these games tend to leave in (or put back after a brief hiatus). This is my imaginary MMORPG, and I’ll build it how I want.

My goal for this series isn’t just to create a concept for my own version of World of Warcraft, or its clones, that is better in every possible aspect. I want to examine the features that have been implemented in these games, weigh the pros and cons, and devise ways to improve upon them, if it is necessary (Note: chances are it will always be necessary). This does mean that I will be taking a hammer to World of Warcraft and bashing it repeatedly, because I haven’t put much stock in the direction it has taken since Wrath of the Lich King (2008). Though, I must state no game is safe from being dragged into the fire. I will also reference other games that lie beyond the WoW Clone sub-genre, and make comparisons between features in those games to similar ones in World of Warcraft, and its clones.

This is just a small look into what is to come in future installments of this series. I have plenty of ideas in store, I even have most of a class fleshed out, but I want to release these ideas piecemeal. I don’t want to burn through everything that is rattling in my brain in a short span. Though, in the future, there may be a topic that you, the reader, may want me to cover that I don’t have planned. So I hope to hear from you should you have a question, an opinion, or a sassy statement you wish to share with me. Who knows, it could be turned into a topic of discussion.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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