Heroes Reborn: “Company Woman” Recap and Commentary

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As the first solar flare makes it way to the Earth, the heroes need to make some hard decisions before the world ends. The message that Micah Sanders broadcast across the world in the previous episode had little effect on the events of this episode. However, we do learn a dark secret from the show’s primary antagonist that likely sparked the chain of events that led to her becoming the head of Renautus. We also see two other antagonists be taken off the board by their own hand. With the season series finale airing tomorrow, let’s review a few moments in last week’s episode.

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Erica’s Vague Motivations

Recap: While at gunpoint, Erica is interrogated by Taylor regarding the location of her child’s father. A little later, she is asked about her true motivations for exploiting EVOs.

The key plot point of last week’s episode is the reveal of Taylor’s origins. It is told from the perspective of Erica Kravid when she was a teenager/young woman. This look into the past tells the story of an unfortunate exchange between a sadistic doctor, who happened to be an EVO, and a vulnerable young girl seeking help for her sick father. This exchange would later result in the birth of Taylor. Erica would be forced to end the life of this same man when he attempts to take Taylor from her a few years later. Erica’s first encounter with PrimaTech, the company she will inevitably lead, came mere moments after the not-so-good doctor’s death, and with the arrival of a young Casper (a.k.a. Pennywise on this blog) offering to save her from her traumatic experience.

While this reveals the dark truth about Taylor’s parentage, it is pretty clear that wasn’t the core purpose of this plot point. First, Erica doesn’t actually reveal this truth to Taylor, instead it is merely a flashback for the viewers. Second, the title of the episode, “Company Woman”, suggests that the episode is focused on Erica Kravid. So, one can surmise that the writers intended to give the viewers some insight into how Erica became the person we know her to be. However, we (the viewers) have been given insight into Erica’s past, but have not been given a clear reason as to why she is the heartless, conniving, and methodical person she has been portrayed as throughout the series.

If the writers were trying give the viewers a reason as to why Erica Kravid has done all of the horrible things the show has implied she has done, they have failed in that regard. The moments of Erica’s past we have been shown are not a feasible reason for her becoming the villain of the show, at least, not in the way they have been presented. Personally, I can see these moments being the start of a foundation of hatred that builds as she lives her life. However, these scenes actually showed moments of compassion that are not common to the Erica Kravid the viewers have come to know. It is as if the writers wanted the viewers to be sympathetic to a character who was instantly pegged as “evil” from the moment she appeared on screen.

Meeting One’s End

Recap: Joanne confronts Luke and Malina at the high school. She attempts to kill Malina, but ends up obliterated instead.

For her first mission under the Renautus banner, Joanne is sent to Odessa to dispose of Malina and anyone that gets in her way. This moment ends rather anticlimactically, and seeing Joanne turned into ashes wasn’t as satisfying as I was hoping it would be. There wasn’t any build up to the moment between Luke and Joanne, no dramatic exchange like when they were in the diner earlier in the series, and there was a rather swift ending to Joanne when she had only been in the episode for all of 45 seconds. This is a good example of how not to end a character arc in a story. I don’t want to critique the storytelling skills of people who are paid to do tell stories, but the arc between Joanne and Luke was poorly executed, and lacked any impact. Also, the 10 second cameos of Micah Sanders, Carlos, and Farah felt rather filler.

Carlos, especially, is back to being what I believed him to be since the series began; useless.

Recap: While driving to his estranged wife and child, Matt Parkman finds himself swerving off the road after a utility pole comes crashing down in front of his vehicle. While calling for help, he watches as the time-jump bracelets for his wife and child float away down the river.

This was a rather unsuspecting end to Matt Parkman’s storyline. While I had hoped he would have been taken out of play when Taylor and the Haitian infiltrated Sunstone Manor, this felt like a more impactful close to a story than what I wanted; more so than Joanne’s end. There is a lot to dig into with the final moments we see Matt Parkman. From his perspective, he is trying to do right by his family, but he has failed them. He won’t reach them in time, not before the HELE reaches the Earth. After all this time working for Renautus, all the horrible things he has done for them, all of it was for nothing because he and his family are going to die anyway. You can hear in his mad cackling, as the camera pulls away from his crashed car, that he realizes the irony of his situation, and the folly of his actions.

Recap: Ren and Emily sneak into the Gateway facility beneath the Renautus building, and witness the death of Hachiro Otomo.

One of the plot points that I enjoyed in this episode is that Ren ran into Emily, and they worked together to find Nathan. They manage to sneak into the teleportation facility beneath Renautus with help from an item Hachiro Otomo gave to Ren. Speaking of Otomo, it is with Ren and Emily that we bare witness to the death (maybe?) of Hachiro Otomo. Since he has done everything that he has been commanded to by Renautus, he has become expendable. I doubt we will find out if he was actually killed or just drugged.

Erica’s Final Gambit

Recap: Nathan is forced into a reconstructed, yet incomplete, Evernow fortress by Hachiro Otomo. Nathan is trapped inside the virtual fortress, and guarded by about a dozen shogun warriors.

The last play that Erica makes is having Hachiro Otomo place Nathan (the artist formerly known as Tommy) into the reconstructed Evernow fortress. She is essentially rehashing the plan she used against Hiro Nakamura. However, just like Electronic Arts (EA) and 96.67% of the titles they release, Erica hasn’t given Otomo enough time to complete the Evernow fortress. It has multiple shogun put in place to guard against any potential intruders (Ren… it’s going to be Ren), but there are visible weaknesses in its physical structure. The mission to free Nathan from the fortress will likely take up a good portion of the episode, but that is assuming the last episode is filling the same one-hour time slot.

What did you think of the “Company Woman” episode? Are you excited for the season series finale? Do you have any theories about what happened to HRG? Will the twins save the world? Join the discussion below.

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