Heroes Reborn: “Send in the Clones” Recap and Commentary

Merry Year of Newness, ladies and gentlemen!

After a brief hiatus, the first of the remaining three episodes of Heroes Reborn has aired. I only have three more opportunities to discuss this series, because the end if fast approaching. When we last left our heroes (tee hee), shit was about to hit the fan at Sunstone Manor, Nathan and Miko appear to ditch the future and leave Erica behind, HRG vanishes before being smashed by a flying car, and Malina escapes the clutches of stupid and dangerous humans, likely Trump supporters, with the help of Luke. There isn’t much time left before the twins, Nathan and Malina, have to work together to save the world from impending doom. Let’s review a couple moments from the episode in this recap and commentary.

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Attack of the Clones?

I want to start this post by commenting on the title of the episode. The use of the phrase “Send in the Clones” makes little sense as there are always Harris clones roaming around. The problem here is the writers are trying to make it seem like the clones are a major facet of the episode, which they aren’t anymore important in this episode than in any other episode. Using this title makes as much sense as calling the second episode of Star Wars “Attack of the Clones.” They were in the movie, but they certainly weren’t the most important factor of the movie.

The End is Nigh

Recap: Luke and Malina make a stop at a survival supply store, and plan out their next set of moves.

An idea was brought up in this episode, which was the world is on the verge of destruction, and there are a lot people who don’t know what is truly coming. This is first mentioned very early in the episode as Luke and Malina are gathering supplies for their trip to find and rescue Nathan. There are dozens of people running through a survival supply store preparing for what they believe to be a massive storm. This catches Luke’s attention, and it dons on him that he and Malina are part of a select group of people that know the truth of the world’s future.

Recap: Micah Sanders tells Carlos and Farah about the HELE.

The idea involving the peoples’ ignorance of the world’s impending doom is brought up again towards the end of the episode. However, this idea is expanded upon to inform what might happen if the people of the world were told what was going to happen. There would likely be rioting and panic in the streets. By the time Nathan and Malina are needed to save the world, there would be so much bloodshed and widespread damage that there wouldn’t be much of a world left to save. I thought this was an important idea to get across.

The Case of the Stupids

Recap: The Haitian and Taylor confront Matt Parkman.

This is a scene that really pissed me off. This should have been the moment that Matt Parkman was taken out of the game. Renee is the only person who has the capacity to stop him from being a threat, but, in this episode, he lets up on his powers and is easily taken out by Parkman. Again, Taylor should have had her gun on him the whole time instead of relaxing and leaving her gun at her side. Parkman is too dangerous to be lenient on or reasoned with. I want to blame the characters in the story, but it is the writers’ fault for writing characters that make stupid actions.

Recap: Luke saves Malina from the clutches of Pheobe, Harris (clone), and Quentin.

This moment made me happy. I am glad someone smacked the bajeesuz out of Pheobe. She is awful and needs to be stopped, and she has been. Yay! Now, she needs to be removed from the board completely. If she is allowed to escape the bonds that hold her at bay, she will once again be a threat. This is a game of chess, and the heroes (tee hee) have had their enemies by the bawls (intentional misspelling) multiple times in this episode and have only capitalized on it once.

The annoying part about this scene is that another powerful enemy is being left alive. First Parkman, now Pheobe. I am wondering why the main characters keep leaving these people alive just so they can escape, and screw them over later. Pheobe needs to die, and I don’t care that she is bound, and that she has one of those power dampeners shoved up her nose. She’s going to get free, and start some shit.

The Big Moments

Recap: Katana Girl and “Black Hydra” have their final bout.

After having Nathan send her to Sunstone Manor, Miko confronts the Harris clones that are patrolling the area. Surprisingly (or not, I guess), the real Harris emerges with an axe in hand to take her on in a one-on-one fight. I knew this fight was going to happen at some point, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen until the next episode, or even the final episode. Miko’s physical form is fading quickly by the time their fight starts, but she manages to use that to her advantage to finish off Harris Prime. This results in the collapsing of all the Harris clones. Afterwards, Miko vanishes from existence, victorious over her greatest foe, and having fulfilled her mission (except saving the master of time and space, technically).

Recap: Micah Sanders sends a worldwide message revealing the truth about Erica Kravid and Renautus.

I liked this moment, because it allows Micah to use his powers to alter the playing field a bit (just like the Haitian’s powers were supposed to). Since he has knowledge of Renautus’ entire database, he was able to pull unedited footage of a faux Mohinder delivering his fear speech. I expect this to have a major impact in the next two episodes. Erica is going to have to do a lot more to get Nathan to believe anything she says. Though, I expect her to change her tactics.

Recap: Joanne, Luke’s wife, is taken to see Erica Kravid who gives her a mission to hunt Malina.

When we last saw Joanne, she was getting into a car driven by a Harris clone (or the real one, I can never tell — they all look the same). She appears during the last moments of the episode, and is offered the chance to continue her EVO hunting work. This will likely result in some final confrontation between Luke and his crazy ex-wife. Though, if this episode is any indication, Joanne will be left alive instead of being dealt with. I swear, I’m not bitter about the lack of smart decision making on the part of our heroes.

What did you think of this episode? What events are you anticipating in the final two episodes? Do you have any of your own gripes with the show? Where the hell is HRG? Join the discussion below.

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