Batman V Superman: Spoilers of Justice

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Originally, I had planned to release a post about Paladins today, but in light of the new Batman V Superman trailer it felt more apt to create a small discussion about that. I saw the trailer on Wednesday, and then saw several review/reaction videos to see how other people thought about it. The internet’s feelings are fairly mixed, but seem to lean more towards the negative. Today, I will add my own opinions of the trailer to the mix whether they are original or not, or shared by others, while attempting to keep the post short.


I want to start this post by stating that I was not looking forward to Batman V Superman when it was announced. Man of Steel, and Warner Bros. intent to release a Justice League movie with little to no build up, left me with little trust in the creative leads on the film. Sure, Snyder’s Sucker Punch and Goyer’s sexist She-Hulk comments helped solidify this distrust, but it was mostly Man of Steel’s execution. The first Batman V Superman trailer that was released gave me some hope. It had a great tone, it was cut together really well, the music was awesome – that first trailer made me a little excited to see the film.

After seeing the new trailer, how do I feel about Batman V Superman now?


Watching the Trailer

The trailer began really well with some banter between the alter egos of the title characters, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. During this exchange we catch a glimpse of who Bruce Wayne is in this universe. I enjoyed this part of the trailer, because, until now, we haven’t seen the two characters exchange anything except blows. This will be a great moment in the film, especially if it occurs before the desert scene shown in the previously released teaser trailer (ex). Additionally, this scene made me excited to learn more about this version of Batman and what he is capable of. This was just was the first minute, though.

The second minute, or second third of the trailer, was composed primarily of action sequences. This sequence of action went well into the third minute of the trailer. I feel like this section could have been shorter, because there are a lot of moments that could have been left for the viewing of the film in the theater (remember these words). Granted, we don’t have context for any of these moments, but it artificially extends the length of the trailer for no reason other than just because. This part also covered aspects of Batman’s story that were already touched on, in a much better fashion, in the first trailer. We do get to see more Jeremy Irons, though.

The last portion of the trailer introduced another element of the story that did not surprise me in the least. It turns out that Lex Luthor is using the body of the deceased Zod to create a monster to destroy Superman. This monster, if you’re unfamiliar with Superman lore, is called Doomsday. However, in the comics, Zod and Doomsday are not the same being, and, as far as I know, never have been.

The reveal of Doomsday totally killed the hype for me, and it upset me for several reasons. First, this is another one of those big moments that could have been left for the viewing of the film in the theater. I said it didn’t surprise me to see Doomsday in the trailer, but I would have been surprised had he not been revealed ahead of time. Sadly, revealing key story points or awesome moments is a common theme in the film marketing world. Yet with how many people scream that it’s dumb as fuck and shouldn’t happen, the marketing “geniuses” keep on doing it.

Second, the trailer gave away the plot point that brings Doomsday into the film, and it’s incredibly weak. All they’re doing is reviving the fallen villain from Man of Steel, instead of introducing a wholly new one. It’s essentially a Frankenstein situation where Luthor is the mad scientist, Zod is the corpse, and Doomsday is the resulting monster. While this plot point is weak, it’s not as bad as all three Iron Man villains sharing the same motivation.

Marvel screwed the pooch on Mandarin… #salt

Lastly, Doomsday looks like garbage. He reminds me of Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. That’s not a good thing. Doomsday is supposed to be incredibly imposing, massive in scale, possess musculature as exaggerated as Marvel’s Hulk (if not more so), and the “Z-Day” creature that appears in the trailer is none of those things. He has more in common with Solomon Grundy than Doomsday. Some people have said it looks like a Ninja Turtle (ex). I can see that, too! In general, this reveal made the trailer as a whole disappointing.

In short, Captain America: Civil War had a better trailer.

DCCU - BvS Trailer 2

This shot is still pretty awesome.

What did you think of the new Batman V Superman trailer? Are you still hyped for the movie? Has your hype train derailed? How many batarangs does it take to end Doomsday? Join the discussion below.

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One thought on “Batman V Superman: Spoilers of Justice

  1. I share your distaste with the trailer. That reveal should have been handled in film, not marketing, and even then Doomsday? It’s too soon to bring in the being that eventually kills Superman, especially with this pathetic origin.

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