Heroes Reborn: “11:53 to Odessa” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Last week marked the 10th episode of Heroes Reborn to air over the course of nine weeks. Additionally, last week’s episode was also dubbed the “Fall Finale”, which means the remaining three episodes will be held back until next year. January 7th, according to this wiki list of episodes. So, this will be the last Recap and Commentary from me until the show picks back up next year. I know! You’re so sad.

As always, I will recap moments from the show and provide some commentary regarding what occurred. Let us begin!

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A Plea for Purpose

Recap: Malina and HRG encounter Luke outside of Moe’s Ice Cream Parlor. Later, HRG realizes Luke has been following him and Malina, and confronts him when they stop at a gas station. Luke confesses how he knew about Tommy (Nathan).

During this episode, Luke was put into a corner by none other than our primary hero, Noah Bennet. He was forced to reveal to HRG the past that he has been trying to escape. This led to Luke attempting to assure him that he was no threat, and he owed it to Malina to help them both with whatever they are planning. Things didn’t go Luke’s way, though.

Due to all that he has been through to get to where he is now, I can see why HRG refuses to trust some stranger with the safety of his family. However, given that Luke’s past parallels his own, a former hunter of “evolved humans”, one would assume HRG would be more sympathetic. This was not the case, and HRG denied Luke’s assistance twice.

The Search for Katana Girl

Recap: Ren encounters a red Shogun at an internet cafe, and follows it. Upon catching the Red Shogun, he is provided with a message from the future and a mission to locate a Master of Time and Space.

We get to see Ren this episode! w00t! He has a rather odd adventure following an armored Shogun that only he has the capacity to see, or notice.

We learn that Otomo has created multiple constructs to keep appearances, including one that resembles himself. He sends his doppelganger to seek out Ren, deliver a message from the future, and put the young gamer on a mission to seek out a master of time and space.

Now, this sounds a bit odd, but the only master of time and space currently active is Nathan. He only has a borrowed power, though. Granted, we haven’t seen what happened to Hiro at the end of “June 13th – Part 2.” I would find it rather strange to see him “bamfing” around, because it is his power that Nathan possesses. I don’t know. Hopefully, when the season picks back up next year we’ll get some clarity.

Hijinks at Sunstone Manor

Recap: Farah Nazan is interrogated by Matt Parkman. When she doesn’t give him any information on Malina, he decides to use Carlos as incentive.

I believe in the episode prior to this one, Matt Parkman learned about the connection between Carlos and Farah. Until this episode, we have been in the dark as to Farah’s whereabouts. It’s not surprising that we would find her at Sunstone Manor. It is surprising that she had any feelings left for him when she was so quick to push him aside on June 13th.

Or it could be that I didn’t feel like Carlos was a good enough incentive for Farah to spill the beans on Malina. It’s like Matt said, “You’re as useless as you were in Afghanistan.” My sentiments exactly…

Recap: Taylor Kravid, and an EVO allied with Hero Truther disguised as Erica, make their way into the Sunstone Manor. They encounter Matt Parkman who catches onto them.

This was the sort of situation that I was expecting to see when Taylor and the Hero Truther crew infiltrated Sunstone Manor. Now, I wasn’t expecting Taylor to suggest the shapeshifter to disguise himself as her mother, but it didn’t turn out too terribly. That is until Harris showed up and shot the shapeshifter. It wasn’t a great plan, but it got Taylor in.

Recap: When a guard tries to take Carlos out back to put him out of my his mistery, he is knocked out and disarmed. Carlos frees Farah, and they attempt an escape.

This is a moment that I never thought would happen. Carlos became a character that I wanted to see succeed. He has finally worked his way into the mix of characters that have been influencing the main story all season. Now, should he be given the opportunity, will he don the El Vengador gear before the end of the season? Will there be a need for the masked vigilanted? There are only three more episodes to go before we find out!

Recap: Matt Parkman has the imprisoned Micah Sanders search for information regarding Erica’s Gateway project.

I knew Micah Sanders was going to be in the show, because NBC spoils the shit out of the show week after week with the “coming next week” promos. I also should have expected that he would be hooked up to one of Renautus’ power-siphon devices. Additionally, he is HUGE! I remember when he, in from the original series, was this tiny kid. Perhaps, the grown up Micah could also be pretty capable in a fight.

Recap: Taylor convinces Carlos and Farah to leave with her. They all meet with Hero Truther outside, but have to scatter when they see an army of Harris clones following close behind.

This was the last scene of the episode, but it was pretty crazy if you think about it. There were a couple dozen Harris clones walking (sloooowly) through Sunstone Manor, which means that Harris was just sitting in his car or standing beside it cutting off bits of his finger to create duplicates of himself (fully-clothed duplicates, mind you). Black Hydra is INSANE!

A Place to Call Home

Recap: Miko infiltrates Gateway, discovers her father in a room with unconscious EVOs and a girl that looks like her.

This was an interesting situation that occurred. I was under the impression that Otomo had been killed off back in June 13th. It is clear that I had incorrectly assumed such. However, on the same note, I was under the impression that Otomo’s daughter had died. What the hell?! She seems perfectly fine, except for the whole “plugged into a Renautus power siphon table” situation.

Now, since she is hooked up to one of those EVO-coma-power-siphon devices there is a question rattling in my brain. Does the real Miko have a power? If so, what could it be? Will we find out at some point during the remaining three episodes of the season? I’m guessing we won’t, but it is worth keeping an eye out for.

Recap: Erica Kravid convinces Tommy (Nathan) to take her to see Gateway, which is located in the future. Quentin and Pheobe join them.

So, Erica seems to have gotten through to Tommy, and may have brought him to her side to some extent. Though, I believe his only reason for even listening to her proposition is because he saw the result of the HELE for himself when they all went to the future. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next year to see how that turns out.

Recap: Miko appears on the scene to rescue Tommy. The both of them return to the present leaving Erica in the future.

I’m so happy that the last time we see Erica this episode is with a look of horror because she was left in a potential future by the only person who could bring her back to the present. That’s just great. I’m also happy that Miko has made it back to the present, because she may come across Ren again. Though, Quentin and Pheobe were sent back before Miko entered the scene, and that may yield some bad news for someone in the next episode (that won’t air until next year… sigh).

Calming the Storm

Recap: HRG and Malina are forced to stop in the middle of the road due to a large storm halting traffic. Malina uses her powers to try to calm the storm. During this, a car soars at HRG which he only manages to escape when teleported away by an unseen figure.

I would like to return you to an idea I brought up earlier, “the only master of time and space currently active is Nathan.” Who teleported HRG away? Immediately before this scene we saw Nathan escape the future with Miko, but he couldn’t have known that his grandfather was at that very location. Did Hiro survive the events of June 13th and manage to regain his powers? That’s a little suspect given the way Nathan’s powers have been defined. The wait to find out is going to murderize me.

Recap: Malina stops the storm, but the other bystanders start to blame her for what happened. Luke shows up to save Malina from any possible harm caused by the stupid humans nearby.

It is a very good thing that Luke was going half-stalker mode and following HRG and Malina as they made their way to Midian. Had he not, Malina would’ve suffered at the hands of some incredibly stupid humans. Now that HRG has vanished (again?), Malina has no choice but to stick with Luke until she can be reunited with her family.

Final Thoughts


A whole lot happened in this one episode. HRG and Malina were reunited only to be separated again. Ren is still around and on a new mission that may lead him back to Miko, or to the future (for reasons). Carlos is finally becoming a meaningful character in the core story. Taylor and Hero Truther are close to breaking Micah free. Lastly, Nathan and Miko returned to the present, so I assume, leaving Erica with the most priceless expression on her face. Please, someone make that a gif.

While the rest of the season will not air until next year (as I have probably stated multiple times throughout this post), I think giving the show a break until next year will be a good thing. Though, I am a little concerned about how the season will end. There are only three episodes left, and I feel like there is a lot more that needs to happen than three episodes can hold. Though, this may just be some how I have perceived the construction of the season thus far. Anyways, the waiting begins now.

If you have been following this recap series, you may have noticed a drastic change in the usual format. A week or two ago, I mentioned in a post on my Facebook page that I wanted to modify the format to put a greater emphasis on the commentary, rather than the recap. I know it’s a tad late given how many episodes are left in the season, but it’s good practice in case I decide to cover more shows. Please, let me know what you think in the comments below.

What did you think of last week’s episode? What theories have you crafted for the remaining episodes? Will Matt Parkman come back to the good side? Will Erica be left in the future? Will Nathan and Malina save the world? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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