Heroes Reborn: “Sundae, Bloody Sundae” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Last week’s episode, “Sundae, Bloody Sundae,” was an interesting ride. I’m not too excited with the current state of the Heroes Reborn world. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy myself with last week’s episode, but the situation is not looking too good for our heroes (tee hee). There was also a heavy focus on one character whose presence has had little to no effect on the series all season. However, there was the reemergence of an awesome character that I thought was dead. So, a bit of a give and take there. For today, I shall recount what happened and provide some commentary.

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HRG Finds Nathan

After their return from Paris, Emily heads to work at the ice cream parlor, but Nathan returns to the hospital to see his mother. There he intends to apologize to her for his prior actions. She forgives him and decides to explain to him who he really is. She begins by referring to his favorite character in his favorite comics series, 9th Wonders. Nathan’s mother tells him he has the exact same powers as Hiro. Just as he is denying that possibility, HRG walks into the to help provide some clarity.

Through HRG, Nathan learns everything about his origins that was discovered during the two episodes that took place on June 13th. While it is a lot of information to absorb, Nathan seems pretty okay with the whole situation. He’s ONLY the one-year old son of Claire Bennet who was whisked away into the past to be raised by the master of time and space, Hiro Nakamura.

While waiting in the hallway, giving his mother and HRG some space to talk, Nathan encounters Quentin while attempting to get a candy bar from a vending machine. This encounter is mildly awkward, but that is because Quentin is evil now, and it shows in his expression. Then, Nathan gets a call on his phone, which he goes into the nearest restroom to take.

On the other end of the call is Joanne who has taken Emily and Caspar hostage in the ice cream parlor. Quentin, standing in the hallway, pulls out a gun and charges into the restroom. Nathan teleports out of the hospital, and Quentin finds himself in an empty restroom.

Taylor’s Strange Meeting

Before HRG’s romp through the past, Taylor Kravid sent out a message to the person known as Hero Truther explaining her mother’s true intentions. At the start of last week’s episode, she receives a message, possibly from the person whom she intended to contact, instructing her to meet at a specified location. As she makes her way to the designated location, Taylor is snagged by a couple of masked men and dragged away in a big van.

When we next see her, she is sitting in a chair with a bag over her head. The bag is removed, and the first person Taylor sees is someone she has been trying to avoid, Erica, her mother. Erica tried to manipulate Taylor into revealing information regarding files she had sent to an unknown recipient. Taylor deflects Erica’s attempts to persuade her, and claims she would rather die than help her mother. With that, Erica’s form begins to change, and in mere moments in her place stands a strange man, an EVO with the power to shapeshift (or so it seems).

The Haitian, alive and well, steps out of a black vehicle behind the shapeshifter to speak with Taylor. The trick that he had employed was done to ensure that Taylor could be trusted, and she passed. She expresses a need to find her boyfriend, Francis. The Haitian responds that Renautus has someone that he and his group are looking for, as well. Their leader, the original Hero Truther, Micah Sanders.

Taylor reviews the information the Haitian and his crew have on the whereabouts of Micah. Several images are flashed before her, by an EVO with a rather odd power, and she stops on an image of a place that she recognizes. The first property her mother ever purchased. Sunstone Manor.

I don’t find it too surprising to see the Haitian alive. Due to the events that took place on June 13th, Renee was not the one to clear HRG’s memories. I am glad that the character (and the actor) is able to have more screen time than the few minutes he had in his previous appearance. I am also glad that the show continues to incorporate more characters from the original series. It will be interesting to see how Micah has changed in the many years since Heroes originally aired.

An Incident at Moe’s

While being held at gunpoint by Joanne, Caspar (Pennywise) attempts to persuade her to pick up a penny in order to wash away all of her anguish. Just as he was getting through to her, Nathan appears behind the counter in an attempt to save him and Emily. Nathan attempts to reason with Joanne, who has suddenly regained her crazed focus. Caspar throws his briefcase into the air, and it opens releasing all of his pennies which go flying in every direction. Joanne ducks beneath them, recovers, raises her gun and shoots Caspar.

Nathan pleads with Joanne to let no harm come to Emily, but she aims her weapon at the young girl anyway. Through the front door enters someone Joanne thought to be dead, her husband, Luke, who had been across the street with Malina when she fired her gun. Like Pennywise and Nathan before him, Luke tries to convince Joanne to cease her current course of action, but she doesn’t budge. Instead, she offers to kill Emily, and let Luke kill her to bring the whole situation to a close.

All at once, Luke looses fire from his hands at Joanne, Joanne fires a bullet at Emily, Emily flies back to maybe dodge the bullet, and… Nathan stops time. While he may have not totally believed his connection to Hiro Nakamura, or having the ability to stop time, he was totally convinced as he looked about the room and saw each person frozen in place. He repositioned Luke so that his powers would not burn Joanne, and moved Joanne’s bullet so that it hit elsewhere. For a moment, Nathan sees another girl hiding near the backdoor, but he inevitably walks back to Emily, places a hand on her and vanishes without a trace.

Luke’s fire causes a melted ice cream explosion behind the counter, and both he and Joanne watch as things have turned out differently for the both of them. Joanne makes a break for it, and Luke tries to chase her down but loses her in his moment of hesitation. Joanne runs down an alley when she is halted by a black vehicle driven by none other than Harris.

Sooo… things are going really bad at this point. Caspar, Nathan’s longtime protector, has been killed by a raving lunatic. Joanne, the raving lunatic, is being approached by Renautus to deal in more evil deeds. I’m not looking forward to the plans Erica has for Joanne. Nope!

Carlos, the Boy Blunder

If you have been following this series on my blog, you know that I have little love for the Carlos character. While he does mean well, and has a heart of gold. Most of the time, it feels like his story is pure filler. Nothing he has done has had any effect on the core storyline. I didn’t even bother mentioning his cameo during “June 13th – Part 2” last week, because it had zero impact on the story that was being told. I am at the point where I couldn’t care less what happens to him since his presence matters so little.

In last week’s episode, Carlos and Dearing (the man I have been referring to as the “EVO Cop” all this time) make their way to Sunstone Manor. Posing as a captured EVO, Carlos would be taken into the facility to give him an opening to find his friends. Unfortunately, things do not go quite according to plan. While Carlos manages to takes out the man guarding him, Dearing is not so lucky. He is knocked out, taken to see the Director of Sunstone Manor. The Director peers into Dearing’s mind and learns all there is to know about him. Then, without any resistance from Dearing, the Director commands him to kill himself with a pistol.

Now, while Dearing’s brains are being set free upon a wall lined with plastic sheets, Carlos is scouring the facility for any sign of his nephew and the priest. He finds them in the white outfits worn by the EVOs taken to Sunstone Manor, tries to help them escape, but neither of them have any desire to leave. Carlos is forced to try to escape on his own and group, but is quickly (and easily) caught by a number of guards, and, like Dearing, taken to meet the Director.

Due to Carlos’ capture, we discover that the Director of Sunstone Manor is Matt Parkman, whom we saw on June 13th. While he still retained enough of his soul in the past to let HRG and Caspar (Pennywise) escape, it appears Parkman is now completely soulless and nothing more than a pawn of Renautus. Parkman breaks into Carlos’ mind to glean any information he may have, and learns something about Farah Nazan that he finds interesting.

Unfortunately, last week’s episode did not paint Carlos in a good light. While his failed adventure through the Sunstone Manor did give us a good idea of what the Haitian and Taylor can expect when they end up there, I wasn’t left with anymore confidence in Carlos’ usefulness in the series than I’ve had all season. I’m still waiting for him to come through and become a meaningful part of Heroes Reborn, but I’ve mostly given up on him and will not be getting my hopes up.

The Friend Turned Traitor

Nathan and Emily appear back in the hospital with HRG and Nathan’s mother. Surprised by their immediate appearance, HRG begins to question his grandson. Nathan tells HRG what happened at the ice cream parlor, that Caspar is now a friendly ghost, and saying they need to leave. However, when Nathan tries to use his power, nothing happens. HRG, thinking of what may be coming, urges Nathan to start moving.

HRG and Nathan start making their way down the hallway to escape the hospital as the lights around them start flickering and exploding. Walking up the hallway from where they came from is the only person who could negate Nathan’s powers, Pheobe. Nathan is told to run down the hall and escape, but he is caught by Quentin in his attempt. Staring at Quentin with utter confusion, HRG learns that his friend has been working for Renautus since his return from the past.

While Quentin has Nathan at gunpoint, HRG points his gun at Pheobe. Using Nathan as leverage, Quentin convinces HRG to put his gun down. Pheobe and Quentin safely leave the hospital with their prize in hand. Later, they take Nathan to Erica Kravid’s house, where she sits him down for dinner.

Later that night, HRG heads over to Moe’s Ice Cream Parlor to see what happened to Caspar. He looks upon the scene to see all of the pennies on the ground, some of which are laying in Caspar’s spilled blood, and his friend’s body on a gurney. Then, he sees a young girl he recognizes speaking to an officer. It’s Malina, his granddaughter, who is as happy to see him as he is to see her safe and sound.

I’m not sure how much I liked the standoff between HRG and Quentin. Even if HRG killed Pheobe, which she was giving him ample opportunity to do, Quentin wouldn’t risk killing Nathan because he’d get his ass handed to him by Erica. Though, with Pheobe dead, her powers would be inactive and Nathan could teleport Quentin into the sky to plummet to his death. Harsh, I know, given that I connected with the character, but Quentin, like Parkman, is a soulless asshole now. No tolerance, man.

Miko Lives!!

For me, this was probably the single greatest moment in the episode.

We find Miko, the one and only Katana Girl, has awakened on Earth but 7,957 years into the future. Her surroundings are empty and quiet, and there is no foliage to be seen for miles. Miko walks across this barren landscape until she comes across a silver structure in the distance. The only possible sign of life in the area, and likely the location where Renautus had been sending various supplies using Hiro’s power.

I was surprised and happy to see Miko survived whatever happened to Evernow. What is even more surprising is that she ended up well into the future, passed the occurrence of the HELE. I am curious to find out if she will be able to return to the present, or if she is likely to be stuck there. I’m assuming we’ll find out in tomorrow’s episode.

What did you think of last week’s episode? What did you think of the incident at Moe’s ice cream parlor? Were you surprised by Miko’s reappearance? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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