Heroes Reborn: “June 13th – Part Two” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Last week’s episode, “June 13th – Part Two”, was an AMAZING episode filled to the brim with answers to so many questions, and, of course, a slew of new questions. After the end of Part One, I was super hyped to find out what was going to happen in Part Two. I was not disappointed. Even the prediction I made in last week’s post came true. Granted, my prediction was really awful, but it came true nonetheless. For today’s post, I will cover the big stuff that happened in this episode.

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The Meeting of Two HRGs

While the encounter is actually quite brief, Past HRG and Future HRG meet face to face. Past HRG manages to stop his future self from outright killing Erica Kravid, but the damage is done. She is shot in the leg and falls to the floor. She looks back at her assailant to find him on the floor next to himself. She is pulled through the door she was walking toward by a rather manic Quentin. Security can heard making their way down the hall, and the two HRGs hide in a closet.

The next, and last, time we see them together, Future HRG is explaining the situation to his past self, and Molly Walker and Pennywise are there with them. Past HRG battles with the notion that his daughter has died and wants to see her, but his future self informs him that he will see her again another time. Future HRG is told to return to the future, but his ride hasn’t returned yet. He mentions that Angela had taken the children into the past to protect them from Erica and her plans. This prompts Past HRG to remind his future self that he had shot her, which could have drastically altered the events of the future.

Future HRG and Molly Walker leave to find Hiro, but not before Past HRG is told to have his memory wiped in order to protect the children. Just as Pennywise is about to hand him a penny, Past HRG holds him off so that his memory can be wiped at the wreckage of the unity summit. Pennywise closes his briefcase and moves towards the door. After it’s opened, a Harris clone walks in, knocks Pennywise out, and then takes Past HRG hostage.

Past HRG is taken to another room where the Harris clone is watching over him. He states he won’t say anything, but that doesn’t bother Harris. At the very next moment, a familiar face walks into the room — Matt Parkman. Past HRG tries to plead to Matt, telling him about Erica’s true intentions, but he won’t listen. Harris has Matt use his ability, telepathy, to fish for the information Erica needs. He discovers the truth about Claire and that she was in labor, but before he could discover anymore information a penny slid into the room. Past HRG placed his foot upon it, POOF. His memory was wiped.

Matt explains that Past HRG has no memory of the day, and the Harris clone raises his gun to kill him. Pennywise steps in and knocks the clone out. Matt, being a good guy deep-down, allows Pennywise to take Past HRG with him. Following this, the last time we see Past HRG, he has taken to the wreckage at the Unity Summity, given a penny and left there as if he had no recollection of what happened.

The Petrelli Legacy

Future HRG, with the help of Molly Walker, drives through Odessa following a possible lead to Hiro’s current location. When they arrive at a house, before he can even knock on the door, Hiro greets Future HRG as if they had not seen each other for many years.

HRG learns a great deal many things during his time with Hiro. He learns that Nathan, the boy who we have known as Tommy, has a similar power to other members of his family. His uncle, Peter Petrelli, had the ability to duplicate the powers of other EVOs around him. Nathan, however, absorbs the power of an EVO he comes into contact with, which is how Hiro becomes unable to return to the future. Also, Hiro raised young Nathan as if he were his own son. He didn’t do it alone, though. Hiro lived with the woman we’ve known as Tommy’s mom for many years.

From here, all of the wheels start spinning almost as one might expect. Pennywise arrives to inform Future HRG that his past self has had his memory wiped and was left at the wreckage of the Unity Summit. Future HRG asks Pennywise to keep a watchful eye over Nathan to ensure his identity remains hidden. Before being teleported to India to see Mohinder’s mother, Molly Walker is tasked with keeping watch on the twins remotely with her power. Then, Future HRG says one last goodbye to his grandson before being sent back to the future.

Unfortunately, a number of Harris clones drive up to the house, and Hiro realizes he needs to make a difficult decision. He commands Nathan to escape before the clones make their way into the house. Before he says goodbye to his family, Hiro leaves Nathan with some final words of wisdom, and then takes up his swords to ready for the attack of the clones. Nathan, his mother, and Pennywise all vanish without a trace, leaving Hiro to face the Harris clones.

The three of them wind up elsewhere in the middle of the night. Nathan, not wanting to leave his father behind, pleads to his mother to let him go back for Hiro to save him. His mother tries to hold him there, but is fighting a losing battle. She calls to Caspar, otherwise known as Pennywise, for aid. He warns her that he will have to take all memories of Hiro away. She tells him to do it, and Pennywise tosses Nathan a penny. Just like that, he becomes the kid we met at the start of the season who knew nothing of his destiny. Thus begins Nathan’s journey living in hiding.

Otomo’s Crazy Plan to Save Hiro

We know from “June 13th – Part One” that Hachiro Otomo was the one who put Hiro into the online gaming world of Evernow. His powers are one part technology manipulation, and another part teleportation, or so it seems. In last week’s episode, once he gets wind that Erica is up to no good, he hatches a crazy plan to save Hiro from her clutches. However, before he can proceed he must regain access to the world he created.

Otomo uses his vast technical knowledge to create a backdoor into the Eternal Fortress in Evernow, and regain access to the game. What he does next is either a stroke of genius, or downright insanity. He places his hand upon his computer screen and does the opposite of what he did to Hiro. He almost reaches into the game and pulls someone out. That someone just happens to be the one and only Katana Girl! Miko! He used his power to create life from a digital world! WHAT?!?!

My Horrible, Horrible Predication

So, last week I made a prediction that we would likely see Joanne, Luke’s wife, go completely mental before our eyes. I even made the prediction that something awful would happen to the guy I had dubbed “Ice Bro.” This is one of those times I kind of hated to be right. Not only did both of these predictions come true, they occurred simultaneously.

At the start of the episode, Luke and Joanne are still waiting in a tent near the wreckage at the Unity Summit. Not moments after having posted a photo onto a board of missing persons did they see EMTs bringing in the body of their dead son. In his haste to catch the balloon Ice Bro had let loose in the previous episode, it was clear he had been caught in the explosion or the collapse of the concrete Renautus building.

Later, while sitting quietly in a hotel room mourning the loss of their son, someone knocks on their door. Luke opens it to find Ice Bro standing before him. The young man tracked them down to thank Luke for saving him from the rubble of the destroyed Renautus building at the summit. Joanne recognizes Ice Bro and is told that her husband is an honest-to-goodness hero. Unfortunately, the way she hears it is that Luke saved the life of an EVO over saving the life of their son — blaming Luke for their son’s death.

As one should have expected, Joanne is one of those weak minded fools who is easily swayed by the drivel of modern media. Fueled by anger from losing her son (and blaming her husband), and the EVO-centric hate spouted by the media, Joanne attempts to take her pain and frustration out on Ice Bro. When she starts assaulting him, albeit in a rather pathetic manner, Ice Bro tosses her aside causing her to fly over a bed in the hotel room. Then, Luke comes after him with a raised fist only to have his throat chilled.

At this point, Ice Bro is only trying to defend himself from harm. Unfortunately, Joanne is a bit of a crazed nutbar. If she were in that DOOM movie that starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, she would have been turned into a monster immediately. Joanne gets up from the floor, sees her husband being “attacked” by the young EVO, grabs a pair of scissors and proceeds to stab Ice Bro repeatedly in the neck. This is where Luke discovers his wife’s homicidal potential. As Joanne’s face contorts into an evil, murderous grin, Luke looks upon her in terror.

Back to the Future

HRG (the one who I have been referring to as Future HRG) returns to Midian, Colorado in the present day. The first thing he sees when he returns is someone who was dead when he left. Quentin asks HRG where he’s been, and if his mission was successful. He brings up situations that occurred before HRG went back in time with Hiro, such as Katana Girl disappearing, but clearly something has changed, because Quentin is still alive.

HRG explains to Quentin what he learned from his time in the past. He reveals to him that Claire had two children, and that the reason he had his memory wiped was to protect them from Erica. He reveals that the next step in his mission is to find his grandchildren and get them to Odessa. When HRG goes searching for his gun in the dirt pile he landed on, Quentin grabs his phone and calls someone on speed dial.

Who would Quentin be calling at this time? Erica Kravid. He calls to inform her of what he just learned about the children they have been searching for. We catch a glimpse of her for a mere moment, and she is now sporting a cane that she wasn’t before.

Final Thoughts

So, this was a really good episode, but everything is going downhill. HRG has really dug himself, and everyone he knows, a serious hole that only a time traveler would be able to repair. Unfortunately, with Nathan having no recollection of his origins, and Hiro likely killed in the past, HRG has to suffer through the alterations he has created.

I don’t know what convinced him to side with Erica, but Quentin is now fighting on the wrong side. Though, he likely doesn’t know that now given what happened in the past. It’s hard to believe he has done anything completely terrible, but he seems willing to let Erica to do whatever she pleases.

There is one other possibility, which is that Quentin is still dead, and the person we saw at the end of last week’s episode is the shapeshifter that was alluded to. Do you recall the recording of Mohinder Surresh at the start of the episode? It was said that Erica had used a shapeshifter to make that recording a reality. So, my theory is that the shapeshifter is posing as Quentin. We’ll see, though.

What did you think of “June 13th – Part Two”? Was there a moment (or more) that caught you off guard? Were you surprised by Joanne’s transformation? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

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