Heroes Reborn: “June 13th – Part One” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Last week, we were treated to a look into the past as the events of June 13th unfolded before our eyes. We followed HRG and Hiro on their mission to put a stop to the plans set forth by Erica and Renautus. Several characters from the original series, who have been missing in action in Heroes Reborn, made appearances in last week’s episode. A huge discovery was made during this episode that explains why Tommy (Nathan) and Malina are so important. However, as the title suggests, this is only the first part of the story and, unfortunately, this episode was left on a HUGE cliffhanger. So, for today’s post, I shall discuss during the first part of “June 13th”.


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The Unity Summit

At the center of this episode is the same place at the center of June 13th, the Unity Summit in Odessa. Humans and EVOs have gathered at this location to show support for one another. Some of the evolved, such as a young man with ice powers (who I may refer to later as Ice Bro), use their innate gifts for entertainment. Unfortunately, as the viewers likely expected, the Unity Summit is being sponsored by none other than our favorite evil corporation of evil, Renautus. So, one can expect there to be danger afoot.

We become privy to the story of Luke and his family going to the Unity Summit. We learn that Dennis, Luke’s son, has a rare skin condition that makes him vulnerable to the sun’s rays. So much so, in fact, that Luke’s hope is that he can find someone at the summit might have the power to cure Dennis of his condition. Joanne understandably believes it to be a long shot, but she goes along with it anyway. During their visit, and before everything goes horribly wrong, Dennis befriends Ice Bro.

Another important tidbit is that somewhere in Odessa, not too far from the summit, Erica had Pheobe locked in a room. There the young girl was trying to gather as much darkness as she could, but was not strong enough until given the proper motivation. She was apparently tasked to blanket the sky above the summit with her shadow, which we learned earlier blocks the powers of EVOs. This would leave them all vulnerable, and powerless, for when the explosion occurs later that morning.

Following the explosion, Luke would spend hours tirelessly searching for his son with little success. Joanne is distraught with the thought of her son having died in the event, but has not lost hope — yet.

A Grave Prophecy

Angela Petrelli, a regular character from the original series, makes an appearance very early in this episode. She is seen meeting with another character from the original series, Mohinder Suresh, a geneticist who has been an ally to EVOs for many years. Angela has asked Mohinder to meet with her in hopes of convincing him of Erica’s true intentions. However, due to her past actions, as seen in Heroes, it is difficult to trust anything she says or does, which is the reasoning Mohinder gives for denying her claims. This is when she mentions her knowledge of the HELE.

The HELE, otherwise known as the Human Extinction Level Event, is the name given to the moment when the world is scorched by the sun (to put it plainly). Angela hands Mohinder a large manuscript of his research, and he is surprised that she possesses it. She explains to him that Erica isn’t searching for a way to stop the HELE. Instead, she fully intends to let it happen and rebuild the world. Mohinder, still dumbfounded, dismisses her claims and makes a move to leave, but not before being told that Erica will cancel his speech, have carried away, and then shot.

Mohinder later realized that Angela is telling the truth after Harris Prime (a.k.a. Black Hydra) escorts him to speak to Erica at the Unity Summit. Just as Angela had predicted, Erica told Mohinder that he would not be giving his speech. Now realizing what’s to come, he drops his things and prepares to fight off the biggest threat in the room, Harris. Sadly, Surresh is hastily taken out with the agent that weakens EVOs.

Note: If you didn’t know before this episode, Mohinder is an EVO. He didn’t start out that way, but he does eventually become one because of reasons that I presently do not recall.

Two HRG’s, Past and Future

Last week’s episode primarily follows the journey of HRG, who was transported to the past, this episode’s present, by Hiro Nakamura. However, the audience is also allowed to see the events of June 13th through the eyes of HRG, this episode’s present HRG, or HRG’s past self. Confused yet? Good!

Past HRG (June 13th’s Present HRG)

The HRG that properly exists in the timeline of “June 13th” is the Past HRG, and it is his story that the audience finally gets to see.

When Past HRG arrives at the Unity Summit, we find out that he is an employee of Renautus in charge of security detail. He is told by a colleague, Stevens, that Erica removed some guards from the parking garage, which resides beneath the Renautus building at the Summit. He confronts her in his office, while Future HRG and Hiro are listening in a secret room, and is told not to worry. When Past HRG pushes the issue, Erica decides to “bench” him. In other words, she has two security guards take him into custody until further notice.

When we next see Past HRG he is being detained in dark room. The door to his room is opened, and who is there to greet him? The man I refer to as Pennywise. Luckily, the audience already knows that he is not a bad guy, and as such is there to help Past HRG make an escape. The guard standing by the door is effectively caught in Pennywise’s trap and is made to pick up a penny which was “accidentally” dropped.

Past HRG and Pennywise leave the Renautus building in time for the sky to go dark from Pheobe’s power. When he realizes that something awful is about to occur, Past HRG takes the gun Pennywise was carrying and shoots a few rounds into the air. The crowd begins to scatter in fear of great danger. It is difficult to tell how many people made it away from the Renautus building before it exploded.

Future HRG (the true Present’s HRG)

The HRG that we follow into the past is the Future HRG.

Future HRG and Hiro arrive at the summit three hours prior to when the explosion occurred. They make their way into the Renautus building to search for clues, and end up nearly encountering the Past HRG. They duck into a room hidden behind a bookcase in Past HRG’s office right before he enters with Erica in tow. Future HRG has difficulty holding himself back as he listens to the drivel oozing from Erica’s mouth.

After Past HRG is taken away and Erica leaves his office, Future HRG is no longer working on logical thought, but is rather acting on instinct. Not realizing that Past HRG is any danger, he attempts to chase himself. Hiro spells out that his past self is in no danger if Future HRG is standing there to see himself be detained. Enter Angela Petrelli who has sought HRG out to inform him of what has happened to Claire, and that she has been taken to the hospital. Future HRG went with Angela to find Claire, but Hiro went in search of the bombs.

Once at the hospital, Future HRG discovers a sad truth about his daughter. She really did die, but it was not at the summit. She had been taken to a nearby hospital and sent straight into an emergency room for surgery. Though she died, something good came of it. She gave birth to twins; a girl and a boy. Sadly, Future HRG had to see his daughter for himself, and to say goodbye.

After a few moments speaking to his fallen daughter, Hiro would return to inform Future HRG of his failed mission. The bombs would go off, and there was nothing they could do to stop it. Hiro makes the suggestion that they should return to their own time, but he finds himself unable to use his powers. Just then, the bombs beneath the Unity Summit explode, and chaos ensues.

The Children of the Cheerleader

Fate is an interest aspect of this episode. Angela Petrelli’s powers essentially embody the destiny of the world. She always seems to know the what and how of any moment or event, but the why may not always reveal itself. Despite this, she always finds herself in a position where she must act accordingly. The very same occurs on June 13th.

A crazy plan is forged by Angela, Future HRG, and Hiro, following the catastrophy at the Unity Summit. They surmise that Erica will be looking for Claire’s child a year from that day. Angela had a vision of the world’s demise, as well as an image of the world’s savior. She believes Claire’s child is that savior. So, what do they do?

Against the advice of Hiro, the master of time and space, they decide it would be safer for the children if they were sent to a place where Erica wouldn’t think to look for them; in the past. It would give the children time to grow up, and allow their powers to manifest before the occurrence of the HELE. After losing an argument about fate with Angela, Hiro reluctantly agrees to take the children and her into the past.

Before they leave, Future HRG reminds them that Claire was never able to name her children. Angela put a hand onto the boy and named him after her eldest son who had died during the original series. Future HRG places a hand on the girl and names her after his mother. The childrens’ names are Nathan and Malina, respectively.

Hiro leaves Future HRG with one final message before whisking the children and Angela into the past. He warns him to stay put and to not “step on any butterflies.” Then, as if they had not been standing there, Future HRG is left standing alone.

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Don’t Step On Any Butterflies

Following the incident at the Unity Summit, several characters make their way to the hospital. First is Erica Kravid, who makes a speech outside the hospital about the tragedy at the summit being caused by “evil”, and then giving that label to the EVOs. Second is Past HRG, who is being hauled into the hospital with Pennywise on one side, and Molly Walker on the other. At this time, Past HRG is unaware that Claire has died. Now, Future HRG sees the speech Erica gives and it just rubs him the wrong way.

Erica steps into the hospital, but only to use it as cover to reach her car and return to the obliterated Renautus building. Knowing she is there, Future HRG goes in search of her with the thought of changing the fate of the world. As he works his way through the crowded hospital, he unknowingly crosses the vision of none other than his past self. Past HRG, with the biggest look of fear and confusion that Noah Bennet can muster, sees himself in an all black getup moving with great determination through the hospital and stands up to follow him.

Now, it is unlikely that Past HRG has any idea what Future HRG is up to. However, he has probably suspected that whatever reason his other self may be at that time and place may result in something bad. So, as he shadowed by himself, Future HRG tails Erica as she finds her way to some back corner of the hospital. He places a silencer on his gun and raises it to shoot her. Past HRG watches as his other self takes aim for a killing shot. Erica is nearly out of the building. Past HRG charges down the hallway to stop himself, and…

To be continued…

Quick Thoughts

This was a really good episode! I watched the episode when it originally aired and I was really pissed when it ended. I knew it was going to end right when a major turning point was going to occur, and I was not disappointed. Well, that’s a lie. I was totally disappointed. I wanted to see more, but Heroes had to take it away from me. However, tonight’s new episode should clear all the sadness away (or conjure up more).

During the scenes with the two babies, I somehow knew they had to be Tommy and Malina, but I didn’t have any idea how it was going to work. The funny part is, given that this is a very time travel driven episode, so far as HRG and Hiro time traveled back to June 13th, I had not considered that as an option. Though, I may have been convinced by Hiro that doing any crazy shit with time travel is a bad idea.

While Luke and Joanne weren’t the focus of the main plot, I am expecting to see Joanne snap in the next episode. She is going to go batshit crazy because of something really dumb. A horrible thing may even happen to Ice Bro for all I know. We’ll find out tonight!

What did you think of “June 13th – Part One”? What are you expecting to see happen in the second part? Do you think Dennis died in the explosion? Did Mohinder? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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