Heroes Reborn: “Game Over” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

In last week’s episode of Heroes Reborn, many paths cross as the search for Hiro Nakamura rages on. The girl who is moving closer to her destiny finds it in an unlikely place. The boy who just discovered his destiny knows not what to do with the information. HRG and Quentin find themselves in the company of Miko and Ren. While many characters have walked their own paths thus far in the season, we are getting closer to seeing the core cast of characters join forces against the greater darkness ahead. Join me as I recount some of what happened.

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The Master of Time and Space

The bulk of the episode focused on the missions of HRG and Quentin, and that of Miko and Ren. Both pairs ended up at the same location after a bit of work breaking into a Renautus research facility. HRG and Quentin had used Harris Prime to get into the facility where they hoped Hiro might be held. Miko and Ren snuck into the facility using a combination of stealth (on Ren’s part) and running about the parallel location in Evernow (on Miko’s part, obviously). What they would discover would surprise them.

HRG and Quentin were first to arrive on the scene, and they learned that Renautus had harnessed Hiro Nakamura’s power of teleportation to transport objects to the future. When HRG demanded that Hiro be freed, the head of the facility explained to him that he was imprisoned in a place without time or space. In other words, Hiro was trapped in Evernow. Thus, the job of freeing him was left to Miko.

Despite her best efforts to break into the facility, Miko’s arrival was expected. The head of the Renautus research facility had created a guard for Hiro’s prison which mimicked Miko’s appearance every way except coloration. The Miko doppleganger was a pale, undead variant of the Katana Girl we have come to know. She tried to distract Miko from her mission by revealing the truth of her existence and her mission. When that didn’t dissuade her from her objective, the doppleganger was equally matched in fighting prowess to Miko.

Sadly, the venture was not all sunshine and rainbows. HRG and the gang encountered Harris, who had escaped earlier (like he does), with a gauntlet of clones as well as Quentin’s sister. His sister just happens to be the girl with darkness powers that was chasing Malina for a little while. Miko had left Evernow for a short time to inform the gang of her situation. When the situation grew dire, she was unable to return Evernow to complete her task, because Quentin’s sister can negate the powers of those within her shadow. Thus, the team needed to act in order to give Miko the opportunity to return to Evernow.

To be continued momentarily…

Taking a Break from Destiny

When we last left Tommy, he had just learned that his destiny is to save the world. He leaves his mother’s hospital room and returns to his friend/girlfriend Emily. He was so furious about the information he just wanted to get away. So, he sees a poster on Emily’s wall and decides to convince Emily to go with him to the location in the image. For the remainder of their adventure, they explore the wild vistas of Paris. Unfortunately, their date was interrupted when the guards at the entrance into the Eiffel Tower were scanning for EVOs. Emily tried to warn Tommy, but he decided to be a stubborn jackass and ruin the situation.

In order to avoid capture, they teleport to safety, onto a random boat, and Emily steps away from him. She tries to explain to him that his actions were really risky and put himself in danger. Essentially, expressing concern for him. This forced Tommy to tell her that which had prompted their little escape. After hearing that he’s destined to save the world, Emily takes Tommy to a street-side book stand with comics. There they find one of the infamous 9th Wonders comics. After she compares his situation to that of classic comic book heroes, they head back home. Once there, Emily removes the tracking chip from Tommy’s wrist and he sends it far away.

Sunstone Manor

There has been very little progress in Carlos’ quest to locate his nephew and the priest. However, he did beat some information out of the EVO Cop about a place called Sunstone Manor. Due to the device attached to the EVO Cop, he wasn’t able to put up much of a struggle. Carlos found the $10,000 the EVO Cop had stashed at his place and use it as leverage to gain the information. Afterwards, Carlos took a road trip to the Sunstone Manor with the EVO Cop riding shotgun.

Unfortunately, this is as far as Carlos’ story goes. Once the two arrived on the outskirts of the manor, Carlos realized he wouldn’t be able to get in because he isn’t an EVO. The EVO Cop managed to convince Carlos to let him loose in order to gain them entry, but then tricked him into drinking a vial of some liquid which incapacitated him. It is safe to say that the EVO Cop is up to no good, and Carlos may be in greater danger than he was before.

A Life Saved Leads to Desinty

In last week’s episode, Malina and Luke cross paths. So, do you recall last week when I had thought Luke was going to let himself burn in his family’s old home? Well, it turns out Luke was fully intending to end his life. However, he wasn’t going to do so by use of fire, but by use of water. In other words, he was going to drown himself. Luckily, Malina just happened to be in the immediate vicinity and used her powers to pull him from the water after he had plunged in wearing a backpack filled to the brim with bricks.

After saving him, Malina asks Luke why he tried to kill himself. His response could be summed up as he had lost his way, his purpose, his meaning to live, and that he was looking for a sign. She states that she is looking for something or someone. From the small envelope given to her by her mentor she pulls a picture of the person she is looking for. Luke sees the image and recognizes the person in it to be Tommy. After being told that she and Tommy were going to save the world, without hesitation Luke decides to aid Malina in her quest.

So, Malina has found some luck on the mission she was sent on. Unfortunately, her mission leads her to Tomy who hasn’t had the greatest first encounter with Luke. This will likely make it difficult for Malina to convince Tommy of why she has been sent to find him, especially if she is seen with someone who once attempted to bring harm to him and others like him. Though, with Luke having discovered his place as an EVO there is a possibility that he may be able to bring Tommy around.

A Jump to the Past

Continuing from where we left off earlier…

HRG and the gang decide to work together to distract and take out the Harris clones while Quentin deals with his sister. Miko and HRG slay the clones easily enough, but Quentin isn’t so lucky. He tries to talk his sister down, but she refuses to listen. Given no choice, Quentin charges toward his sister and tackles her to the ground. Her shadow is released, and Miko jumps back into Evernow but not before exchanging touching words with Ren.

Phoebe stands up and begins emanating dark energy from her hands as her brother Quentin tries to talk her down once more. She doesn’t listen as she claims that Erica has given her new purpose. The darkness from her hands enters Quentin’s body as he begins to convulse. After a moment, HRG steps in and knocks Phoebe out with a nearby object. He moves over to Quentin who is now covered in his own blood and asks, “Did I save her?” With those final words Quentin passes in front of Noah.

Miko encounters her doppleganger once more and defeats her by decapitation. Now, this is the difficult part of her mission, because it was stated earlier that if she were to release Hiro from Evernow she would die. However, despite what she was told she takes her sword and plunges it into the large door. A bright flash of light emerges and the fortress within Evernow seems to fade out of existence.

Noah, still kneeling beside his fallen ally, is once again faced with Harris, his clones, and a number of henchmen. Realizing what has occurred, Harris is hesitant to shoot Noah especially given the speech he is given about Erica’s inevitable betrayal. Despite this, he raises his gun to Noah and fires off a shot. The bullet stops inches away from Noah’s head, and he turns to examine Harris and his flunkies frozen still. The master of time and space, Hiro Nakamura, emerges from the ether to greet Noah.

Before given a chance to speak, Hiro already knows what Noah is going to ask him to do and expresses the dangers of changing time. Noah explains that Erica has done a great many misdeeds in her quest including the murder of thousands, imprisoning Hiro, and using his powers for her own plans. Hiro takes a moment to justify the actions he is about to take, just like he once did in the original series. The wrong that must be righted is Erica’s misuse of time manipulation. So, with a mission ahead of them, Hiro takes Noah back to the day where it all began. Back to June 13th, one year ago.

Final Thoughts

Before I close out this post, I want to relay a few more thoughts…

I am SO excited to see Hiro Nakamura return. He was my favorite character in the original series, and I’m happy to see he has a pivotal role in Reborn. Hiro’s appearance reminds me of the “Future Hiro” that had made several appearances during the original series, and that’s great.

I am sad about the passing of Quentin because I enjoyed that character. I related to him, because much of what he would say felt like things that I would say in those moments. Now, since HRG and Hiro have gone back in time the likelihood of him staying dead seems minimal, but the moment of his death still hit me more than I thought it would.

I don’t know what has become of Miko, and I don’t know what will become of Ren, but I hope this isn’t the last of either of them. Miko has made a sacrifice that no other person could have made and she has had an impact on Ren’s life. So, one can only hope that she wasn’t completely obliterated during the deconstruction of the fortress in Evernow.

I’m happy to see more interaction between the various characters, especially with the unexpected crossing of paths between Malina and Luke. I think this will help the show’s storytelling a bit by reducing the number of stories that need to be told within a single episode. I still feel like Carlos’ story is a bit filler, because it has yet to tie into the core narrative of the series like the rest of the cast. However, I’m still hopeful he will eventually cross paths with the other characters of the show. Maybe the Sunstone Manor will be Carlos’ connection to the rest of the cast.

What did you think of last week’s episode, “Game Over”? What is your opinion on some of the characters in the show? Do you believe Miko really disappeared inside Evernow? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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