Heroes Reborn: “The Lion’s Den” Recap and Commentary

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In last week’s episode of Heroes Reborn, we discover that the world is in much greater danger than what was advertised. We follow HRG and the gang as they uncover answers about what Renautas is really up to. Tommy learns a few truths about his life. Malina, the girl in the snow, questions the path she was put on. Luke closes a chapter of his life. Miko and Ren follow Harris around in hopes of retrieving her lost sword. Today, I will recap and comment on the happenings of last week’s episode, “The Lion’s Den.”

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Tommy Discovers the Truth

When we find Tommy at the start of the episode, he is being registered into the EVO database. They examine him, take multiple DNA samples, collect his fingerprints, and, lastly, place a locator chip with a satellite up-link into his wrist. When he is told that his locator chip has a maximum allowed radius before an alarm is triggered which has a near immediate response time, he asks who responds to the alarm. The doctor collecting his information simply states that Tommy doesn’t want to know.

He soon finds himself in an interrogation room. During his interrogation, Tommy is asked what he has been running from, what his real name is, and where his real parents are. This catches Tommy off-guard. For all he knows, the woman he has been travelling with is his mother. However, this interrogating officer has evidence to the contrary. Realizing his mother has lied to him his whole life, he uses his power to escape the interrogation room.

After venting his frustrations to his friend/girlfriend Emily, Tommy teleports to his mother’s hospital room. He confronts her about the information he gleaned in the interrogation room. She is tries to explain that she was unable to tell him anything, and that he has always been a son to her. Just as Tommy’s mother tells him that she is willing to tell him everything, Pennywise appears asking if that is such a wise idea.

After Pennywise shows up, Tommy is given a bit of a vague idea of his importance to the world’s preservation. He is told his powers will be important without saying when or how. This knowledge fuels the anger that Tommy had when he arrived at the hospital forcing him to teleport away.

Tommy is now in a similar place as Malina, the girl in the snow, and they are almost foils for each other now. She has lived her life in isolation training to use her powers with full knowledge of her destiny and the path she was set on. Tommy is just discovering the truth behind his situation and path set for him, but he is no less destined for an important mission. How many other children are there in the world who have been raised from infancy to save the world? Also, who has seen what’s coming?

Malina Encounters Real Danger

Malina, the girl in the snow, and Farah, her mentor and guardian, find their way into St. Pierre, Quebec. They locate an abandoned building where Malina is instructed to stay put while Farah leaves to meet with a contact. When that contact doesn’t show, Farah suspects danger is near. She turns invisible and hurries back to Malina. Unfortunately, one of the Harris clones appears at the rendezvous point with a pair of EPIC glasses, which enables him to detect Farah even while invisible.

Harris pursues Farah, and discovers where she has been hiding Malina. Farah tries to confront them, but she is unable to sneak up on them because of the EPIC glasses. Malina steps up and sends Harris and his accompanying henchman flying backwards. This allows her and Farah to make a break for it. Sadly, Harris quickly catches up and is joined by another EVO with nondescript darkness powers. Farah is shot, and Malina is forced to runaway.

I still want to understand what Malina’s powers actually are. While everyone else’s powers are fairly easy to figure out, Malina’s seem to be a vague mixture of different powers. She has control of the aurora lights in the sky, she can bring butterflies back to life, and she has telekinesis. Most people in the Heroes universe have one power they can access, or a power that allows them to access other powers, but Malina breaks the mold by appearing to carry multiple powers. That’s not a bad thing per se, I would just like some explanations.

El Vengador Catches the EVO Cop

After arriving at the car shop a wee bit too late, Carlos finds that his nephew is missing and the shop has been trashed. Since there can only be one culprit for what has happened, Carlos heads to the police department to find the man he knows to be responsible, and explains his claim to the officer at the front desk. After being asked about the situation, however, the EVO Cop finds himself in a bit of trouble when his partners unbox a couple pairs of EPIC glasses. Before his partners can make a move on him, he attacks them with full force. The EVO cop is quickly put down when shot with a dart with some kind of weakening agent.

Now, given the short history that Carlos has with this corrupted officer, one might think that his next move would be to let him be taken away. Unfortunately, Carlos still has no information on the whereabouts of his nephew. So, once again we get to see Carlos dawn the El Vengador costume, but with the modifications he made. He intercepts the van transporting the EVO cop, takes out the guys in the front, and then threatens to leave the drugged EVO cop to his fate if he doesn’t provide the information Carlos wants. The EVO cop has very little choice but to accept.

I’m glad we’re getting to see Carlos use his new gear. We probably could have used a better introduction to the Vangerdor-mobile than what we got this episode, but Carlos has yet to really take on the role. I’m also worried that the El Vengador storyline may be a tad filled, because it doesn’t have any apparent connection to the overarching storyline. We do see the EPIC glasses put the EVO cop in a tight spot, but that’s the only real connection Carlos has to the main story, so far. I’m hoping he will eventually cross paths with the main characters to put a stop to the big bad.

HRG Confronts Erica

After being witnesses to Molly Walker’s death, Noah, Quentin and Taylor make a dash for it before being captured. During their escape, they discover a massive seed bank beneath Renautus. HRG surmises a seed bank that large is only necessary for an extinction level event. In order to get the answers they need, HRG has Taylor lure her mother to a place where she would be unlikely to suspect danger; her own home.

Unfortunately, while HRG’s plan worked, and he was able to have a bit of a discussion with Erica, Harris, and a clone or two, showed up to muck things up. Harris arrived with Hiro Nakamura’s sword, as he was instructed to do so by Erica earlier in the episode. Miko and Ren had followed him to retrieve the sword, and they did. However, Erica was able to escape with Harris. A Harris clone was capture by HRG and the gang. Lastly, Miko and Ren are once again set to make an attempt to save Miko’s father.

Luke Gets Some Closure

When we find Luke in this episode, he has returned to the home where he used to lived with his wife, Joanne, and his late son. He spends the whole of the episode remembering the life he once had with his family before the incident that occurred on June 13th. Luke sells his half of a medical practice to an old friend, who was likely his partner. The last thing Luke does is gaze at an image of his wife and child as they were when life was happy. His powers set the picture frame on fire and he lets it fall onto the carpet which sets the room ablaze.

By the time the room starts to become engulfed in flames, and I am seeing Luke sitting on his dead son’s bed, I am wondering if he’s going to stand up. There is a bit of time when he is just staring at the burning image of his family as the fire around it grows before he gets off the bed and leaves. I honestly believed this was going to be the end of him. He lost his son. He lost his wife. He had discovered he had these dangerous powers. While we do see him gather his things, the boat he and his son built, and put his hat back on, I thought he was going to sit there in the fire, and let himself die.

What did you guys thing of last week’s episode? What are you looking forward to finding out in tomorrow’s episode? What do you think Luke has planned? Join the discussion below.

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