Heroes Reborn: “The Needs of the Many” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Another episode of Heroes Reborn has come and gone, and another one is only a day away. Last week’s episode, titled “The Needs of the Many,” follows where the previous episode left off. Molly Walker has been captured, Renautus has launched their new tech called EPIC, Miko has escaped the clutches of Harris in the Yamagato tower, Luke Collins is about to explode, and Tommy got run over by a reindeer is tumbling in a car with his mother. Here are the five things that I’ve decided to discuss for today’s recap.

Fighting in this corner…

I have yet to cover the story behind El Vengador and Carlos Gutierrez in this series. I think that is mainly due to his storyline during the premiere. The introduction of El Vengador was really cool, but it was immediately ruined when he was killed off in the second episode. Carlos hasn’t been a great substitute because he has yet to do anything compelling. Thankfully, that is slowly changing.

During “Under the Mask” Carlos had uncovered some important information regarding the dirty cops that killed his brother. First, they are searching for the underground railroad that is funneling EVOs out of the city. Second, the leader of the dirty cops is an EVO himself. Carlos discovered the second bit of information while wearing the El Vengador costume, and after saving the group behind the underground railroad from being caught by the dirty EVO cop. However, Carlos ended up getting his ass kicked.

In last week’s episode, not much happened with Carlos except seeing him plan out his next move. He is building himself a set of equipment, and is slowly becoming the traditional comic book hero of the series. His nephew (?) has been tuning up his dad’s old car, and Carlos seems to have this crazy idea of turning into a “Carlos-mobile” or something to that effect. He already has a new suit ready for the next time he encounters the EVO cop, which he will need once his nephew reaches him. We’ll find out this week if Carlos is able to make good use of his new gear.

On the Path to Redemption

In the episode “Under the Mask,” we were shown Luke Collins’ powers emerging for the first time. While his wife was checking in at a hotel, he went around some corner to hide as he began to glow with radiant energy. In last week’s episode, we see him struggle with the knowledge that he is an EVO. This knowledge further fueled his internal struggle, which was already burning strongly because of the trauma from losing his son, and his desires to forgo the mission he and his wife had taken to kill EVOs. Faced with a difficult decision due to another life-changing event, Luke comes clean to his wife about his powers — and lived.

I think this is an interesting turn-around for the Luke character. At the very start he seemed like a cold blooded killer, like his wife still is, but as the series has moved forward we have seen him want more from life. Now that he has discovered his powers and is no longer following her in her maddening crusade against EVOs, it will be interesting to see where he goes next.

I feel like his powers emerging are a visual representation for Luke’s internal struggle making its way to the surface. While you could see in his eyes that nothing that he and his wife were doing sat well with him, the powers are symbolic for his concerns and pain boiling to the surface. At least, that’s what I see.

Ren, the Gaming Sensation

In last week’s episode, as Miko and Ren are making their way to America, we find out that Ren is a popular gaming YouTuber and streamer. When he first appeared in the show, his capabilities as a gamer were already gleaned to some extent, but this his online fame is new information that interests me. His plan to call his many followers to aid him and Miko in their mission is crazy and awesome. The greatest part of their story this episode is when they arrive to their destination and Miko is dressed up as Katana Girl. Awesome!

The Girl Hiding in the Snow

Since the very first episode of the series, we have been teased with short scenes of this blonde girl in the snow (I don’t know her name, sorry). Now, it seems she is on the move to avoid capture. At the end of “Under the Mask” we saw some soldier types utilizing EPIC to scout the area where she and her guardian were hiding. However, since the events of last week’s episode (namely Molly Walker’s death) the Renautus tech is much less effective. The mentor has the ability to go invisible, or bend light around her form, which should come in handy later. The powers of the girl seem to be varied and are not yet explained. That should happen soon(™).

More Info on Black Hydra (a.k.a Harris)

In last week’s Heroes Reborn recap, I freaked out over discovering what Harris is capable of. During last week’s episode, HRG and Quentin came across three Harris clones. If what was seen during “Under the Mask” is the only way Harris has to create duplicates, then he must be cutting off appendages on a regular basis. However, we did find out that the clones turn into salt if killed. Now, that we know that bit of info the only thing left to learn is how Harris’ power is cancelled. I’m assuming it will be cauterization of any wounds. We’ll see, though.

What did you think of last week’s episode, The Needs of the Many? Are you excited for the next installment to Miko and Ren’s adventure? What do you think is Luke’s future? Will Carlos be able to save the priest in time and stop the EVO cop? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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