Heroes Reborn: “Under the Mask” Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Another week has gone by, and another episode of Heroes Reborn has aired. In last week’s episode “Under the Mask”, we continue from where we left off in the premiere episode. Luckily, this episode wasn’t two hours, so there wasn’t quite so much information to retain. Despite this, quite a lot still happened within the episode, and a few discoveries have been made along the way. Just like last week’s post, I will cover five things that stood out to me from last week’s episode.

The Sword of Hiro Nakamura

When we last left Miko, she was making her way to the evil tower where her father had been taken within Evernow. She arrived at the tower, with some help from Ren, but ended up becoming surrounded by several goons. Her only choice at that point? Exit the game. Miko placed the sword back into its sheathe and found herself inside the Yamagato tower in Japan. At the start of “Under the Mask” she, once again, finds herself outnumbered, but decides to fight back her assailants. Her attempts are foiled only when she encounters Harris (Prime) who dispatches her quickly where the tower guards had a great deal of difficulty.

Now, following Miko’s capture, Harris takes her sword to Erica, the CEO of Renautus, to inform her of what has taken place. This is where we start to learn some interesting things. The sword, that Miko possibly found in her father’s room, belongs to Hiro Nakamura. This makes sense as it matches the sword he once wielded in the original series. Harris explains that Miko “claims” to be the daughter of Harchiro Otomo, the man we know to be her father held within Evernow. Erica is confused by this notion. This makes me think that the man Miko believes to be her father, may not be her father after all.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit before we find out for sure, because Ren shows up to save the day. This guy is slick, by the way. He eavesdrops on Harris and the CEO as they are discussing their secret evil plans (out in the open). He picks a security key from an unsuspecting Yamagato employee so that he can gain entry into the upper levels of the tower without alerting security. Give it up for the resident gamer of Heroes Reborn.

HRG Is Not Allowed Anywhere

After a bit of complaining, and with some hesitation, Noah Bennet drives to the nearest hospital to get Quentin patched up. After Quentin is called in to have his bullet wound treated, Noah is immediately recognized by one of the doctors. Having no recollection of being at the hospital, he asks when he was last at that hospital. The answer? June 13. Surprise! The doctor makes his way to a phone to call security. Luckily, Noah realizes what the doctor is up to and gets out of sight. Unfortunately, once Quentin is fixed up and released, he has no idea where Noah has gone nor what is going on. Though, he figures it out pretty quick once the hospital guards start running about.

Noah uses this time to take a guard hostage in order to find out what he did a year prior to warrant having the guards look for him. While looking through some security footage from the year before, it turns out a lot more happened at this hospital than he anticipated. He is seen talking to someone down a hallway with no camera. He learns that his daughter, Claire, apparently died during the events of June 13, which seems impossible given her power. He discovers that he had an encounter with Hiro Nakamura, and that he was seen with Molly Walker.

That’s a great deal of information to discover in a short span of time. Unfortunately, HRG has an even bigger load of answers to seek to figure out what happened one year ago.

Looking for EVOs? There’s An App For That

Molly Walker, like Tommy, seems destined for danger. Though, where she ends up by the end of “Under the Mask” is her own fault. She is captured by Taylor, the daughter of Erica, and brought to the Renautas HQ for the completion of the EPIC project. When Noah and Quentin successfully rescue her from her captors, she runs away only to get caught by Harris. Now, to say that I’m frustrated with her inability to have taken Noah’s offer to save her from her fate would be an understatement. The very thing she says before she gets captured is, “there’s too much at stake.” If there is so much at stake, WHY DID YOU LET YOURSELF BE CAPTURED?@!?!

(heavy sigh)

Now, the reason that Renautas needs Molly Walker is to act as the processor for EPIC. What does EPIC do exactly? Well, it taps into Molly’s ability to detect EVOs and digitizes it. Those using the EPIC hardware (a set of special eye ware) are able to harness this ability for themselves. Who has been given access to this system already? You guessed it! People who are actively tracking down and killing EVOs. Yay!!

Thank you Molly Walker for putting everything that is at stake at risk…

The Man With The Golden Hands

While I probably should have seen it coming, Luke Collins (Zachary Levi) discovers that he is an EVO. His powers make their first appearance when he goes to turn off the radio in HRG’s car, which they had stolen in the previous episode. The next time they emerged was while they were eating a meal at a diner. He super heated his steak knife, and it freaked him out. His powers finally fully manifested after Luke and his wife arrive at a motel, and, as far as we know, she doesn’t see anything because she is off checking in.

Now, Luke’s powers are very curious. They likely emerged because of the stress he had been feeling over the combined loss of his son and the lifestyle that he and his wife had chosen. Before his powers erupted from him, he seemed to be absorbing energy from the sun, which means he should probably become a hermit and avoid daylight at all costs. Also, his powers resemble those once held by a character from the first season of the original Heroes series. However, they don’t necessarily seem radioactive in nature. I’m excited to find out more, though.

What the hell did he just do?!?!

The last thing that I’m going to leave you with is this.

While Miko is being held hostage, Harris arrives to interrogate her. When he isn’t getting any answers out of her, he decides to bring out his favorite interrogation tools. Right before he makes a move to cut something off, Ren shows up to the room and distracts Harris for just long enough for Miko to get a strike in. She goes the extra mile by taking the blade out of Harris’ one hand, and then chopping his other hand off. Ren and Miko make there escape, and make plans to go to America, but are completely unaware of what happens to Harris when they leave him.

He regrows his severed hand, and his severed hand regrows another him. WHAT THE SHIT?@! That’s some crazy ish, dude. Harris is a hydra. He is a human hydra. If he loses a limb, just one mind you, there will end up being two of him. If he had to be given a super villain name, it would have to be Hydra, or, to avoid copyright with Marvel, Black Hydra. Yes. I’m really diggin’ that name. It sounds like an incredibly scary villain. This works perfectly for Harris, because when his severed hand became a second dude, I was freaking out! His apparent immunity to death and ability to duplicate himself has made Harris (a.k.a. Black Hydra) my new favorite character of the Heroes franchise. I hope no one discovers his weakness too soon. That would suck.

Imagine what would happen if he ended being cut into several pieces.

What did you think of “Under the Mask?” Whose story stuck with you the most? What are you looking forward to seeing in the next episode? Do you think Black Hydra is a good comic-booky villain name for Harris? Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

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