Heroes Reborn: 2-Hour Premiere Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

If you were here for last Wednesday’s blog post, then you know that last Thursday was the premiere of Heroes Reborn. I made sure that I was prepped for the two hours of potential awesomeness that would be bestowed upon me. I must say I was not disappointed. The entire time I was watching, I had feelings of nostalgia and had my eyes glued to the screen (at a safe distance). I was excited to learn what had changed in the world that I had not seen in several years, and a great deal happened over the course of two hours. For today’s post, I will cover five different things that I took from the 2-hour premiere of Heroes Reborn.

Remember, Remember the 13th of June

At the start of the first episode, the audience if given a glimpse of a moment of peace in the world. Humans, and super powered humans, or EVOs as they have come to be called, are arriving at a summit in Odessa, Texas to promote peace and tolerance. A couple characters that appeared later in the episode could be seen among the crowd. A character from the original series, Noah Bennet, a.k.a. HRG, arrives at the Summit in hopes of reuniting with his daughter, Claire, who he hasn’t seen since their falling out following her stunt that revealed the existence of EVOs.

The happy feelings and peaceful tone at the summit are immediately cut short when an explosion erupts, seemingly from within the crowd. There are very few survivors following the incident. The one person the audience can see standing among the rubble is HRG, who is still searching for his daughter. This event causes the world to hate EVOs, and blame them for what occurred on June 13.

It could be said that Noah Bennet is the main character of the show. The audience follows him a year after the event in Odessa, Texas to find him living a life under the name Ted Burns. We see him temporarily leave that life to uncover the truth surrounding June 13. During his journey, he encounters a man, Quentin, who forces him to question everything he knows about the world. He uncovers a secret about his life that he apparently kept from himself. He returns to the place of his former life, Primatech, in search of answers only to find more questions. Now, he has to find a woman that might be able to help him locate his daughter, and Quentin’s lost sister.

Trading One Evil Zachary for Another

In the original series, the primary villain for a while was Sylar, a super powered mad man who hunted his own kind for their powers; or their brains, depending on your perspective. Sylar was played by Zachary Quinto, who is probably most known for his turn as Spock in the Star Trek films. Sylar was a man who lurked in the shadows, and waited for his latest victim to be alone before he attacked. During the first season, the primary focus of his attacks was the daughter of HRG, Claire.

In Heroes Reborn, the most obvious villain is Luke Collins, a man on the hunt for anyone with super powers. Collins is played by Zachary Levi, who once played the mostly harmless, nerdy guy Chuck, from the show of the same name (another of my favorites). Collins lost his son to the event that took place on June 13, and has since made it his mission to eliminate anyone who happens to have powers. He seems pretty intent on sticking to his mission, but it is his wife who appears to be suffering from a case of evil-itis. Time will only tell if Luke stays a villain, or lives long enough to become a Hero (wait… I think I said that wrong…).

Personally, the most notable part of this is that Heroes traded one villain played by a man named Zachary for another. I found it entertaining. Lawls.

Katana Girl, and LEEROY JENKINS!

One of the strangest and most unique things to occur in Heroes Reborn (so far) is the emergence of Miko, the Katana Girl. She comes into the show when Ren, a gamer, appears at her apartment after unlocking her address in a game called Evernow. He tries to convince her that she looks just like a character from the game, and reveals details about the character’s backstory that mirror her own. As anyone might expect, she thinks he is crazy and kicks him out. However, she investigates the sword that Ren spoke of, and finds it perfectly placed in the floorboards of a room in her apartment. Upon unsheathing the blade, she is transported into another world, which turns out to be from the online game Evernow. This is where she finds her father, who has been missing for some time.

This is probably the craziest thing I have seen from an episode of Heroes. I’m not sure how I feel about a character who, for currently unknown reasons, has the ability to teleport into an active online game world. For me, because of what I experienced from the original series, this idea doesn’t really fit the Heroes universe. I want to say it is because of the power she appears to have, because it is an evolutionary trait that makes far less sense than anything else the series has shown. Developing the ability to communicate and control technology, or flight, or power duplication, or enhanced healing, or teleportation through time and space, are powers that make more sense than being able to teleport into a video game.

Now, I’m not stating that I didn’t enjoy this story, or I wasn’t intrigued to find out more. The story, and her powers, just felt out of place. I want to know how and why Miko can do what she can do, what exactly her power is, and why her father appears to be trapped in the game. One issue I had was that everything happened so quickly that there wasn’t a lot of information provided to make sense of the whole situation. One can only hope future episodes will bring enlightenment.

Penny For Your Thoughts

In classic Heroes fashion, there is a person lurking in the shadows keeping an eye or two on members of the primary cast. For the character I have in mind, these shadows would be metaphorical, because this guy wanders around in broad daylight carrying a briefcase full of pennies. I don’t want to say he’s weird or creepy, but he’s kind of weird and creepy. He appears seemingly from nowhere to toy with the minds of others as if he were a child with a ball of play-doh. However, he doesn’t appear to be a being of ill intent. While we have only seen him work his monetary magic on people who have encountered Tommy, not the Green Ranger, he doesn’t appear to use his powers mercilessly like “the Haitian” did in the original series. He is an enigmatic character, an EVO, and a man tasked with safeguarding Tommy. We’ll see how long he managed to stick around.

I have yet to hear or see a name for this character, so, for now, I shall refer to him as “Pennywise” (yes–I went there).

Tommy, Not the Green Ranger

While HRG might be the main character for the overarching story taking place in Heroes Reborn, I believe Tommy, the kid with the ability to teleport objects, is going to become really important. I mean, Pennywise followed him around, and dealt with any situation that might have given away his location. He encountered Zachary Levi’s character more than once, and came really close to being killed like several EVOs at the start of the first episode. Thus far, Tommy appears to be a magnet for trouble, and seems destined to encounter danger regardless of his attempts to remain incognito. Luckily, he has also made a few friends along the way.

There is a lot more that happened during the 2-hour premiere, but these were some of the important points I wanted to touch on. Noah Bennet is at the center of everything, but has no recollection of his connection to what happened. Luke Collins is angry at the EVOs for his son’s death, but may be willing to put down his sidearm for a normal life. Will his wife? Miko and her newfound friend, Ren, are searching for her father in an online game. The man with the pennies isn’t making any enemies. Lastly, Tommy is slowly learning how his powers work with the help his new friend.

Did you see the premiere of Heroes Reborn? What was your favorite moment? Who do you want to see return? Did the Haitian really die in less than 2 minutes?! Join the discussion below.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you’ll be back for the next one.

War Fist out.

One thought on “Heroes Reborn: 2-Hour Premiere Recap and Commentary

  1. Heroes Reborn started off on the right foot. It blew me away with just those two Episodes. I think having a shorten season has made the writers focus on the story telling and not break away with a pointless storyarch. I hope to God.

    If this season finishes with a bang and keeps bringing the people in. It’s a lock for a second season.

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