MMO: So, I was watching Massively Opinionated…

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Do you ever watch an opinion related video, or read an opinion blog post, and find yourself writing an essay in the comments? Well, that is what happened to me today while watching the 13th episode of Massively Opinionated, from Massively Overpowered, which was titled “Which MMO should have never existed?”  What was supposed to be a simple, small, comment about my disagreement with Larry Everett’s judging (and what appeared to be a lack of comprehension of Jason Winter’s presented argument), turned into this incredibly long thing covering various points that were brought up in a very small span of time. I thought I would share it on the blog – just for shiggles.

Note: It would probably be a good idea to watch a bit of the video from here, to get an idea of where my thought process started and for context. The relevant segment should end at around the 40-minute mark.

Here is the comment that I wrote:

I don’t think Star Citizen should have been allowed considering it isn’t released.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that been released for at least year, and, as Jason said, it was a game that no one asked for. I’m sure people asked for online-play in Oblivion and Skyrim so they can roam the world with 1-3 of their buddies, but there were no pleas for an MMO.

Additionally, like Jason said, it lacked focus in its design. You can see in its Angry Review (or any review, tbh) that it was a single-player game that allowed multiple players to exist in the same world at once for little to no reason. The only viable group content that existed in the game were the dungeons and Cyrodiil. The developers at Zenimax didn’t try to make TESO feel like an Elder Scrolls game, or a viable MMO, until post-release. Hell, they didn’t add the first-person perspective, a pretty important and consistent feature of the Elder Scrolls series, until the end of August in 2013. That is roughly 8 months before the release of the game, and the development of TESO began in 2007, four years before the release of Skyrim in 2011.

It’s pretty clear that +Bethesda Softworks gave no shits about the quality of this title. I mean, did they ever check the progress of the game to see if it even resembled an Elder Scrolls game? From what the release looked like, no, they never did.

(38:22) I disagree with the notion that full-featured MMOs cannot be done. I just think that development needs to be focused on a particular set of features so that there can be more to look forward to in the future.

Between WildStar and TESO, WildStar was the only one of the two that was fully-featured. It had a lot of stuff right out of the gate that they could actually tell you about: Housing, Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, Adventures, loads of customization that no other game really has, a combat system that was an interesting blend of action and traditional combat, a unique character build mechanic, and probably more that I can’t think of off the top of my head. What did The Elder Scrolls online have? Single-Player quest content, small-group dungeons, a poorly animated mock-action combat system with a soft-target retical, and World PvP in the form of Cyrodiil. That’s about it.

I will agree that +WildStarOnline may have spread themselves a bit thin, but they had a lot more on offer than TESO did, and this stands true even today. However, neither game really had a singular focus. Similar to WoW, WildStar had features for numerous groups of people. Although, it was clearly going to place more focus on Raid progression than PvP (just like WoW…). I joined WildStar for the PvP, but I had mixed feelings about it. I had similar gross feelings about WildStar PvP that I have for WoW PvP (though, WoW’s combat and level progression is cringe-worthy enough). Think of it this way, I tend to gauge the viability of my MMOs PvP by the type of updates they release, and their itemization. If the number of PvE-centric updates vastly outweigh the number of PvP-centric ones, and if there is PvP-specific gear (that include PvP stats, of course), then the game is purely PvE in my eyes. The PvP in WildStar was great, but the overdose of PvP Stats, and lack of more interesting stats, really killed the experience for me.

I give points to TESO for staying their own course, because WildStar was treading the same path as WoW, but TESO still falls short due to having nothing of merit to work towards.

+World of Warcraft may have had 10 years to build up their game, but the developers have a history of adding content that becomes immediately irrelevant as soon as they make a major update to the game or release an expansion. This includes every single raid and dungeon, every tier set, every Legendary item, anything related to crafting, and Garrisons from the sounds of it. I honestly feel sorry for every person who has essentially wasted their time on Garrisons, because you will NOT be getting it back. I am even sorry for those still wasting their lives on World of Warcraft. I understand the possible social reasons that may exist, but it is not a good game anymore, by any stretch of the imagination. A part of me wants the game to be good again, because I played it for 6 years. I even keep up with the updates, but mostly to see what stupid moves the devs are making these days (…a lot… still…). Unfortunately, the game is too far gone, and the developers are stuck in this easily predictable development loop that began with The Burning Crusade. I’m just waiting for WarCraft 4, at this point.

Holy bawls! This has gone on for too long. I apologize for that. Great video!. I’m still at the 40 minute mark, so I’m going to watch the rest. Bye! 😀

So, here it is!  I am sure I had a point, or seven, to make here, but I fully intended this to be something small, and it ended up being… THIS! I guess, something the guys in the video said really got to me. Perhaps, I, too, am just massively opinionated (insert goofy laugh).

Okay. I’m done. Lawls.

Have you ever found yourself writing an essay in a comment?  Did you watch Massively Opinionated? Do you follow Massively Overpowered?  Do you agree/disagree with the above comments I made?  If there are four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, how many shells are there in total? Join the discussion below.

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